Physical vs Gui


In Unturned 3, all status indicators, whether it’d be speed, fuel percentrage and health (cars), or even ammo counts for guns, it would be indicated by some sort of ui. What I’m suggesting is replacing this with a more… how can I say this… physical-looking design.

What I mean is replace some indicators with ones that are attached to the models, just as an extra layer of immersion. For example, cars will now have actual speedometers, fuel gauges and probably health indicators (acting as that weird one that measures the engine temp., we probs wont need that unless nelson decides to go insain on detail). This will not only encourage going in first person while driving, but will also allow for more modular support for the ui, leaving more space on screen and keeping it minimalistic.


Change elements of the gui to be displayed on models instead, e.g car fuel gauges and speedometers

Now for gunplay, you might ask. I thought about this for a while, and I’m still debating if this should be a thing, but I figured I’d just throw it out there. How about we had ammo indicators added in the form of a little display located on a holographic sight, for example, instead of the window that shows us our bullet count that we currently have? (sorry for the low quality, but i hope you get the idea)


Yet again, I’m not too sure on how you would receive this, but if I were to review this feature, I would say it was way more immersive than the counter we currently have. I mean… how does our character know exactly how many bullets he has? Does he count them? The mistery awaits a solving.

For other player indicators, I think it’s fine leaving them as a floating ui on screen, just for the sole purpose of convenience to players.

If not, maybe we could have a watch that we look at to view our status, similar to a VR game I play.

Pavlov VR Wristwatch

Gimme your ideas!


No, that would cluster up the sight. But the vehicle thing sounds good. But you can still see your stats in 3rd person, but it is shown by pedometers in a corner. I think for guns you will just have to check your mags like in eft.

  1. Yes

  2. Absolutely not.

  3. Not for that function. I might cover watches and such on a future post.

  1. sure

  2. dude, at that point just add mag checking (a la Escape from Tarkov or Rising Storm 2)

  3. what


Maybe magazines with witness holes or clear materials could visually empty, but a round counter attached to the sights seems like something out of a sci-fi game or a project that was abandoned because it required sensitive electronics in each of its expensive proprietary magazines or else the cludgy display was nothing but a waste of space


Or it could assume you have a certain amount of shots in each mag, and it counts down every time a bullet fires. Though if a mag isn’t full that wouldn’t work.


As far as i know, there’s not a single firearm with a HUD that shows how much ammo you have. I’d much prefer the ammo counters to be removed and add the magazine system from Insurgency and add a mechanic to “inspect” your magazine’s capacity on the go.


would fit for cars and guns with visible magazine

the hud is still important as phys/jumpy hud gives a lot of motion sickness in combat