Placable Water and Tree Saplings

Title explains all but this will make decoration much more neater and cooler and more epic.
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No it doesn’t, give some more information.


Placeable water? You wanna just get some water from a lake and then just pour it out on the ground? Bruh

is this a Minecraft type suggestion of “placing water”?


Kind of but yes u get it from a lake and make some decoration lol

And how, pray tell, is that going to work? Is the water free-flowing? Is it a block? What do you classify it as? A barricade? An entity? Your “title explains all” doesn’t explain it at all in this case, because we have no idea how this is going to work in Unturned, and the only reference we have is Minecraft.


This was meant for unturned 2 but i couldnt put it as unturned 2 lol

I am fully aware, as the current Unturned probably couldn’t support such a system, but that still doesn’t answer my question.

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2.X will not be seeing any additions. 3.X or 4.X might.

happy cake day redcomm

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I doubt free form water would be a thing in the game. The least I could see is fillable containers like barrels and bathtubs (But the water aint separate entities/objects, simply a change in state). Tools that can spray water like watering cans and buckets can also happen, but they wouldn’t create free forming water and instead produces temporary water particles that only affects certain things like putting out campfires.

As for tree saplings, sure. But there could be restrictions when it comes to placement so you wouldn’t have people making a tree wall. Plus they should grow at an extremely slow rate (e.g. 10 in-game days).

To be fair, this whole suggestion sounded like it came out of Minecraft (Which isn’t a good reference)


i got the idea while making a house

I don’t think that would make them worth accumulating you can just instead farm trees that would grow in a few minutes, or just chop more trees in other places if you’ve chopped all the trees in your area.
I think a good way to fix this is to have trees go on a specific, craftable soil that’ll make them grow efficiently and it would probably should be the only realistic method that trees should grow on.

As for water, I’m not sure at all. The kind of system we had in place already was pretty good but I think we can do with more additions (watering cans, more ways to store and use water)

Normal trees would obviously have a longer regeneration time if it took a long time to grow them.

If saplings are implemented, i also doubt that regeneration from the stump would be a thing.

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I think 10 days is a bit too much considering if 1 unturned day is around 20 minutes already

it’s not realistic either since trees take years too grow and making trees grow in longer wouldn’t serve much

Realism and gameplay dont agree. Sometimes things have to be less realistic to be better for gameplay. I dont know what would be good a system for trees. :smirk_cat::smirk_cat::crying_cat_face:

yeah that’s why it supports my idea of effective ways of getting wood

It’s not going to be realistic any route you take, but if you make it realistic it’s going to be unplayable/unuseable

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