Placement and Throwing revisited

Let me keep this quite short. Drop placement. The player can select where they want to drop an item when holding a key (ex. TAB). To place the object, LMB must be pressed.

This can be any item they are holding, including weapons, food, throwables and special items. In addition to that, if the player holds the key on another player, they are able to give people stuff directly without dropping them on the ground.

From the inventory, simply holding shift or alt on the “drop” menu of an item will enter drop placement mode.

Drop placement, in addition to being an excellent way of handling items between players, can also be used to put stuff in place, like a battery into a radio, a car tire on to a car or a coin into a vending machine.

If a player holds LMB, they can throw the item as if it were a throwable, which opens up an opportunity for creating distractions for Turned by throwing things like empty cans, or passing a medkit to your teammate from behind cover.


This has been discussed a lot, and it has a lot of really good applications. I personally made a post on throwing your backpack, as that would add some nice RP and survival elements (Stashes).

As for the button, well…

Well, my post is more about “putting down” items individually, and even giving them to another player.

I will admit, however throwing your backpack down seems interesting.

I think a put down option would be really helpful in general. I’m not sure if another game has this yet, correct me if I’m wrong.

If it would be implemented, I want to see a montage of Epic Fails xD

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