Plane and Helicopter Improvement

Hi everyone! I have a idea for Unturned 4.0, sorry for my grammar but English isn’t my first language.

When you drive a plane/helicopter, you must land slowly (very slowly) or your vehicle will explose when tuching the ground (Like real life).

Thanks for reading, bye!

The physics of the vehicles should be updated in the future anyways, but for your suggestion I don’t really see any difference with the current landing of air vehicles. We already land pretty slowly with helicopters since you can’t change the speed of the helis vertically, for the planes you already explode if the nose of the plane touches the ground too quickly.

Just make a list of your suggestions or leave a reply with all of your ideas here - Wishlist Trello

Hi, I mean also when you leave the helicopter/plane in height, then he fall and when he touches the ground he don’t explode often.

…Aerial vehicles don’t just explode if they hit the ground a bit too fast.

I’d be fine with aerial vehicles being damaged if you try to land them too quickly, but they already explode if you clip the wing on a hedge at 3 miles an hour. The last thing we need is more ways to randomly make your plane or helicopter explode.


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