Plane mecahnics

Helicopters in 3.x are fine, but planes can do weird things sometimes. you shouldn’t be able to do a 180 in a plane while literally stopping mid-air, and carrying on like it’s nothing.

Planes should be responsive, they should glide when off and not fall like a brick, and when turning, they shouldn’t just stop, but actually go forward giving it a nice curve, look i have no idea how to put it but i hope you understand what i mean.

You could also add a G-force system cause i think that could be really cool, but not sure if people would like it. I don’t mean make it super realistic, just something to stop the player from doing stupid sh*t like rolling very fast, therefore making them go unconscious or something… It’s optional tho, so don’t dig deep into it. (it could also be used for cars)

It would also be great if instead of the plane just exploding when it hits something, the parts could just fall off or stop working. Ex. you hit a tree, you don’t latch on the tree with your wing and spin around, but the wing falls off. Or when the engine is broken, you just glide on the air with your current momentum. You could also shoot out the rotors in a helicopter.

I think that’s it, yes it very messy so excuse the occasional mistake or misspell cause I’m not from England. Also try to keep this place nice, and don’t be overly aggressive cause i can see this a lot on this forum…


The inertia is weird in 3.0’s aircraft. I know 100% what you’re referring to - the blatant lack of propulsion power, or thrust.

In case someone else here doesn’t get it, have you had that weird moment where you’re strafing something on the ground with a jet, pull up to nearly full vertical, and your jet just glides down like it’s a paper airplane before climbing again? That’s because planes in 3.0 have very, very weak thrust compared to more realistic aircraft behaviour. A jet engine should be extremely responsive, yet it isn’t. It’s as if you were playing around with a toy quadcopter drone.

As to the OP, I would say that it’s safe to assume this will be dealt with in Unturned II. The physics and everything else being rebuilt from the ground up not only allows Nelson to do virtually anything he couldn’t do before, but he’s also learned from his past mistakes.


I know why that happens in 3.x, not sure why i didn’t say that in the post… I just hope that Nelson will adjust the aerodynamics/physics to suit the requirements for the planes in 4.x.

One plane that didn’t have that much of a problem was the Anushka. Mainly because of how slow it was turning, which i think could be used in 4.x for more planes.

Thanks for the reply tho.

Yeah ik, I was mostly just stating that for anyone else here who’d happen upon the discussion and have no clue what we were talking about.

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I feel like better flying mechanics is something that 4.x could really benefit from. And stuff like part damage has already been discussed if I remember correctly. But I really hate the flying mechanics in 3.x and hope they’ll be better in 4.x.

Good post btw

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