Player gear customization details suggestion

One thing I find personally enjoyable about open sandbox games such as unturned is high level of customization. I love making my character look like an absolute bada**. I think it would be fun if weapon and player customization went deep. Keep in mind, these are very minor features and should be low on development priority.

It would be cool to have different clothing states. For example, wearing a cap either backwards or forwards, lifting or lowering your hoodies hood, changing the position of vest pockets on your vest, adjusting the rail position of weapon attachments, and so on. These are very minor details. I think it would be very fun to adjust these little things to your hearts content.

Once again, I know that these are very minor details. They don’t affect gameplay in any way except visually. I don’t expect these to be a development priority if these are added, but I think it would be a cool thing to consider for the future.


hm, yes

way better than making a custom hat

technically this would require you to either get a new vest or somehow change it flawlessly but yeah this is neat

depends on the weapon, model, rail, rail type, and how the rail is attached
on many firearms the rail is built in and isn’t really easy to move

moving attachment rails can drastically change things

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I know that changing the rail position of a laser or optic can require zeroing again IRL, but i don’t think that these are necessary for unturned. Simply moving your optic further forward or further back the on the rail should just be a visual change IMO.

This is already possible although I wouldn’t expect it to be expanded too much for vanilla. With the current vest in-game you can add extra storage to either the left side, the right side, or both sides. It appears to be a feature that will only be used for specific clothing items though. If you mean moving the pockets freely then I don’t think that feature will be put in-game.

That isn’t really what he meant. He meant moving the attachment itself, not the entire rail.


^^ Yes, correct. Sorry for the poor wording choice causing the confusion.

I agree these tiny features are what make games great.

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