Playnite is the flipping best


Playnite is a free and open source application that allows you to access (launch+install) games from Steam, Epic Games, Amazon, GOG, Origin, Battle.Net, UPlay/Ubisoft Connect, Twitch, Bethesda and It also features a console emulator, themes, extensions (written in .Net languages or via scripts [Powershell and Ironpython]), a playtime counter and integration.

It’s great, and with the 8.12 update Epic Games Authentication is supposed to work.



Epic Games Authentication now works!

Over the 2 years I’ve used this, I found out the game I played most was…
a browser game.
a fucking browser game.
Forward Assault Remix at 273 hours and 25 minutes.
My second most played game was…
at 43 hours…
My third most played game is…
Ravenfield Beta 5 at 34 hours 17 minutes.

Unturned would be my top one (I had 233 hours on my old steam account + 17 hours on my new one).

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