Please add more editing options

Like the following:

  • Underlineing

  • Spoiler (like steam)

  • In a nutshell before i lose myself, basic concept is that I wish for as many options to change my text like steam and Reddit, if we could get it here it would be awesome.

  • Also when we edit our text, instead of having it messed down here, where it’s posted we can interact with it there. Like steam and Reddit.

  • Also when I click the default option to change the background (other option is dark), everything looks like it’s been trashed, and looks a little scary, thought I broke the site on myself. Finding my way to change it back to dark was a little challenging.

  • Please also make this box down here bigger, it’s such a tiny part of my screen, for people with seeing issues the size of the text here could be a real issue.

  • Note: Please put it in the system so that autocorrect also recognizes gun names, and anything else important like that.

Well that’s it. Hope it improves! Also good emoji selection!

But it’s missing one thing.

The Nelson emoji, that’s critical.

Also because of the small size of the text I can’t tell if I spelt critical correct…

Sorry for mess! Like with steam and Reddit I’ll edit better over time!

below feel free to comment fixes to the framework of this new forum!

One big bug i noticed when i clicked edit. the not all the errors showed imediately… and everything is spelt wrong… patch that i guess? It failed to appear.

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