Please dont make our zoom increase when we aim down sights

In unturned 3.0, when we aim down our sights, we dont actually zoom unless we have a magnification scope. please keep it like this for unturned II.

I dont know if you have seen, but there is currently no zoom for non-magnified optics.


I don’t know how possible it is, but would be cool to have tarkov-style sights where only the sight itself zooms in


already a thing in 3.0, but it is pretty big fps dropper, so it has not been added to 4.0 yet. Also there is only one scope so far.

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but 3.0’s implementation is shit, I’ve seen tarkov do it with no issues (but then again, that might be just tarkov)


no matter which way you do it it is always going to take fps. you are literally rendering 2 cameras at once.



with a shitty implementation, yes

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Well that’s just incorrect. Scopes in tarkov absolutely do take a hit on your performance aswell, there’s no going around over what KingFrog already mentioned in this thread:


they don’t

t. I play tarkov, probably have like a quadrillion hours on lab. I mean maybe sure, there’s a couple frames of performance loss that I haven’t noticed (on my 1050ti nonetheless, you know how tarkov runs), but then again, nelson moved the whole game to unreal, I’m pretty sure he’d be fine with small of a loss


i havent seen as i have not played the beta yet or seen much videos of it

You’re replying with this about rendering 2 cameras at once.
You can’t have independent zoom on your scope without rendering 2 cameras in the same scene. There’s no work-around for that. You either have 2 cameras rendered in 1 scene, or you zoom the entire scene and cover the peripheral vision with blur or opaque cover like in 3.0’s lowest setting or zoom the entire scene, but leave the rest of the peripheral vision untouched.

Tarkov renders 2 cameras in 1 scene for their scopes. You can lower the performance impact by rendering objects outside the scope camera’s fov at lower LOD and reduce the render distance when scoped in, which is exactly what Tarkov does.
No matter what, the performance will take a hit, the amount of performance loss is not dictated by “shitty implementation”, it’s dictated by how much things the game will reduce the detail of when scoped. In Insurgency: Sandstorm’s case, the level of detail is preserved in the scope as it is with the normal view, with the only exception being with 1 setting that raises the LOD levels based on FOV (lower FOV=higher LOD=better detail in the scope).


just curious, have you ever actually played tarkov?

I’m genuinely curious because if you have over 3 seconds of playtime you’d know that they have done the impossible you said

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I haven’t, but i would like you to rephrase the last part, because i didn’t understand.

you say it’s impossible to do proper sights without a major hit on performance, but if you have played tarkov, you would know that they have done exactly that. I’m just curious, because you keep insisting it’s impossible yet there are games who have done exactly that.

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I never said that it’s impossible, the only person that has said this word in the entire thread is you.
I simply said that there is no “shitty implementation” that takes a lot of performance for the independently zoomed scopes. You said that rendering 2 cameras in 1 scene is a “shitty implementation” which is simply false, because it’s the ONLY implementation you can do for an independently zoomed scope, hence:

I gave a detailed explanation about why you can’t have independently zoomed scopes without rendering 2 cameras in 1 scene and what dictates if you’ll have a big performance hit or a miniscule one. I never mentioned “impossible” in my post, anywhere. CTRL+F can prove that quickly.

And i never insisted in the first place, let alone “keep insisting”, that’s also words coming from your mouth, alone. You just didn’t pay attention to what i said and exactly what i was replying to. The impossible talk is all you.

what the fuck are you on about

I simply asked if nelson could to proper sights, I’m not playing some fuckin mind games here


To clarify things, I can verify that @Renaxon and @darkySp have correct explanations, as dual-render is simply unavoidable without omitting peripheral vision entirely (and before you might ask, I’m also an EFT player). Please don’t be dismissive of their input solely on the grounds that you play Tarkov yourself.

As for your statement about how Tarkov does it with “no issues”, a significant portion of the playerbase experiences stutters when scoping in, and that’s because of the immediate performance impact when you have to render two screens at once.

This is not an issue Tarkov is exempt from, nor is it an issue unique to Tarkov. Every FPS game I can think of (e.g. Sandstorm, Siege, Arma, Rising Storm) has this same problem (with the special exception of games that just do full zoom-in as previously mentioned of course).

It also seems to happen at random - I’ve seen players with worse PCs exempt from this while some with beefier PCs report it happening (including 1050ti, 1080, RX 580, and various others from an initial search), and this might explain why you seem to be mostly unaffected. Plenty of Tarkov streamers and YouTubers also complain about scopes in Tarkov having poor performance, and this has been a persistent topic across various updates throughout the years.


Thanks for providing more info on the matter.
Although, i have to correct you on 1 thing only; Siege doesn’t have dual-rendered scopes, they’ve opted to zoom the entire screen when scoped, instead.


ftfy 10 chars

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Well you see, tarkov performance is already rock bottom, so you don’t notice a difference.