Please help me

I can’t send messages on servers, enter doesn’t work. This makes the game difficult if I want to communicate with other players or put kits I can’t. Help me please

Have you checked whether you accidentally or not did not change the key to send messages, or if it works in sigleplayer?

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where do i check? also doesn’t work on singleplayer

Are you sure you are in the correct category?

idk…but you can help me?

Depends on wether or not you are actually in the correct category

Changed the category. Now be nice.

this is my first time on this site and I’m not very good at english sorry

Not beinbg good at english has bgger all to do with this, but alright.


So, 3.X eh. You sure you did not just accidentally (partially) wipe your binds?

I don’t know how I check?

Under controls…?

Well, you can try to restore the default, maybe solve your problem.

If you don't know, here is a short tutorial:

First go to settings.

Then go to controls.

Click restore defaults.

After that, say if you fixed it.

If Enter doesn’t work, try J. That’s the one for world chat, K is area and L is group, respectively.

dont work:(

Are you sure your enter key isn’t broken?

but I can not send even l, k, j

he’s fine just doesn’t work in the game

So your problem is the “ENTER” button?
Are you sure it is working properly?

Alternatively use K

I’ll explain…if I hit enter to make world chat work, but if I see a message and hit enter to send it doesn’t work, it doesn’t send in k, j, l or world chat