Please tell me I’m not the only one here who thinks this way

I play this game for PVP because it’s fun, I do not like survival being the main focus of a game and I do not like 99% of what Nelson’s doing, I’m just here to put in my 2 cents that the way this game is going will alienate a significant portion of the player base.

There’s still 3.x for those seeking a PvP with hunger and thirst mechanics.

But 4.x is basically what Nelson wanted 3.x to be in the first place, so now he’s doing what he wanted years ago


I understand that but what usually happens to games when a sequel comes out, particularly a free one?

It’s not really a sequel. It’s just a “Oh shit i fucked up. But they like PvP. Oh well, best if both worlds” kind of thing


It’s a bit ironic that it’s also the PvP focus has alienated the community as well. And compared to 2.0, the current community is more toxic and brainwashed by plugins

If you don’t like change you don’t have to play the game. 3.x will stay after all.


Few comments on this.

  1. Play the game how you want them.
  2. Why not? PvP still exists. A fair and balanced PvP will exist. Survival/PvE existing does not mean PvP won’t exist.
  3. People would appreciate to know the 99% or 1%. I really cannot guess what the 1% is, tbh.

Hear, hear (10 CHARACTERS)

There are a lot of games which had an original focus of survival which turned into PvP. H1Z1, DayZ, Rust. (Unturned 3.x obviously). Just play those if you’re not a fan the direction is going. But who knows, maybe your opinion will change when you do give 4.x survival a go. It could be that you’re just tired of 3.x survival.

4.x to me as well as to many others is a nice big step up of the pile of mess 3.x turned out to be. One of those crappy things that changed 3.x were plugins and the amount of PvP. Which is why I and many others are happy and ready to hopefully experience something thats refreshing.


3.0 was not intended to be low-poly CoD, and 4.0 is returning to what the game was originally meant to be: a survival game.

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That’s right.

So I am greatly hoping 4.x stays on track.

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You will be able to pvp but thats not themain focus so dont kos and ruin the whole game if u wana kos play minecraft or 3.0 nelson realy watns survival he whole reason for 4.x is to change it to survival if that dosent hapen and all of the servers have kits and toxic community ruins the game he might as well delete 4.x, kos , roleplay , kits , raiding are a big problem for 4.x they should still exist but in small amounts of servers if toxic community takes over nulsen should delete 4.x because he didnt fix his game I am not trying to be toxic to community of unturned or nelson I am just saying

I think you got a little mixed up with your 3.x and 4.x there. Either way, a lot of this stuff was already mentioned and discussed, is there anything new you’d like to say that no one else has brought up?

This exactly.

While the survival genre is oversaturated by PvP chaos and all sorts of shooter-esque, milsim style combat, actual survival centric survival games are few and far between. The Long Dark is the only immediate example I can think of that actually focuses on the survival aspect over the combat aspect, though there is still combat of course.

If you have an issue with 4.0 being oriented this way, there’s countless other games (including 3.0) that you could play. But the Unturned community as well as Nelson have been striving for a true survival experience, and this is where 4.0 will shine.


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