Please tell me I’m not the only one that thinks this way

I play this game for PVP because it’s fun, I do not like survival being the main focus of a game and I do not like 99% of what Nelson’s doing, I’m just here to put in my 2 cents that the way this game is going will alienate a significant portion of the player base.

I can understand that, but Unturned is a survival game at it’s roots, and slowly turned into a PVP game. Nelson is returning it to it’s PVE/Survival focus. You were lured into it after it was already “ruined” as some say. But 3.0 is still a great game, and i can totally understand why you enjoy it.

Remember, 4.0 is a totally different game, and you can continue playing 3.0 after 4.0’s, and keep all your skin and costumes, etc.

But it is a survival game, 4.0 will be much more hardcore, and it will not change.

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I’ve been here since 3.0’s launch and I have always PVPed

Didn’t you just make another post just like this a few minutes ago?

Yeah I accidentally posted it in uncategorized and didn’t know how to delete it, I meant for it to be here so I copy pasted it, my bad

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Im interested

Just because the game is more survival focused, doesn’t mean PvP is off the table. There will probably be servers that are very focused PvP. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if post launch 4.x got Arena.

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There’s a difference between a PvP server and a PvP game. A PvP server nowadays is rocketmod garbage that anyone with an IQ higher than 6 hates with a passion. What I want are Vanilla servers that I’m still capable of PVPing on rather than being forced to work with the little shits this game attracts

They will still be around. What makes you think it will be taken away?

Besides, a survival focus can also make a better PvP gamer. Lots of factors but can’t be bothered to explain

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