(Poll) Which Gun Looks Better?

Here is the recent curated Weasel, which is based off the FN FAL Para. I also happen to make my own FAL before the release of Ireland, from one of my gun packs on the workshop. Which one looks better? be sure to comment why!

  • Weasel (Left)
  • Legerfusil (Right)

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Weasel had a poor handguard and a magazine.

wooden skeleton stock???

Legerfusil looks better generally

Although, Wezel fits the game better since it is made to be as wacky as the Maschinengewehr with the wooden stock and the design matches the vanilla guns more. Personally the Legerfusil’s barrel, handguard and stock seems off for me

I would vote for Wezel, but still I think the other has more appeal for the average player

edit: fixed spelling error


BTW it is the wezel, not the weasel


fk, I knew it was called that but the post trolled my thinking :frowning:


At least I’m not the only one thinking that xD

Diesel is crying right now, chill

I didn’t do a great job on the Wezel, I’m kind of inexperienced in vanilla gun modeling and your version definetly looks better. However, my version isn’t a Para. It’s supposed to be a mix of the SLR and the FAL.


By SLR I assume you mean the L1A1 SLR, which is the British version of the FAL?

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Probably. There’s differences between the two, though I’m unsure if there’s actually enough notable things for it to be definitively based on one or the other when portrayed in Unturned 3’s art style.

Mine is a mix of the SA 58 and the FAL Para, sorry to bring you down man. Didn’t know you were inexperienced. (Still better than my first models)

Haha don’t be sorry about that. Criticism is the breeding ground for success :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I read off Needless Memeing’s post on the ids for the recent Irish guns. (He spelled it Weasel)

Hey man, if you want a few of my guns to learn my version of the vanilla style, feel free to PM me. I’ll happily give you some!

yes but ireland is gone

congrats libtard
@Yarrrr @MoltonMontro close b.