Portforwarding for dedicated server not working

Hello, so i’m trying to host a dedicated server on a server case i build. now the problem i’m running into is that when i try to see if my public ip allows the ports it says its closed, and my private ip address doesn’t work either. the local hosting works so i know the server it self works but the portforwarding doesn’t seem to want to work.
does anyone have tips on how to do this because im basically stuck at this point/

Are you sure you’ve forwarded the correct ports, and the correct IP?

By default, ports 27015, 27016, and 27017 need to be forwarded. If your router does not support port ranges, that means making three separate port forwarding rules.

If you’ve never port forwarded before, https://portforward.com/router.htm may be useful to you.


I have ported the ports from 27015 up to 27020 on the private ip address of my server.

i have a linux ubuntu server running a virtual machine with windows this is where the server is and the VM has a static ip address which the ports are forwarded on

Found out what was going on. So i had to do a thing called double router portforwarding.
For some reason my modem was blocking my router that is connected behind the moden, which caused my server to not showup anywhere.

Thanks for the help that was given no matter what it was.

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