Positive take on the new sky

I recently started playing Unturned again and i’m not sure how to explain it but it feels more real now, if you get what i mean with the fog and skies, better ambience U3 is definitely heading in a better direction.


I love it too. Of course, there are some improvements to be made. (such as airdrops that has weird rendering after fog was added), but anyway - I like the new update, as it helps the game pretty much, I think.

However, Nelson should consider working on things modders ask him. This is important as well.

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I am going to strangle you

not with those fish stick hands

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This ratio feels more real

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cant tell.cuz for personal it’s a little bit too close and…Arid’s map design doesn’t goes as this way(you should be able to see though miles a way in desert.

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and also it’s annoying when you editing the map

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