Possible outage on US East coast

Ive had a very bad problem, When I load in to my LYHME Hosted server, It stays on the loading screen! Ive reinstalled, Verified files, And restarted my computer. Other players on my server have reported it to! After a talk with danaby2, Thanks danaby. He said I should post this on the forum.

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I also must add, Singleplayer doesnt work aswell.

I would guess that this is likely a problem with LYHME itself and not your computer, but just in case, make sure your drivers are updated, network is fully functioning and no files are corrupted.

That’s really all I can think of.

Hmm, But yet its non working in singleplayer

I dont believe its the server

Does anything work?

Nothing no servers or singleplayer

If singleplayer doesn’t work, it’s not an outage and is an issue with your PC. @MoltonMontro @Yarrrr I’ll leave any title edits up to you boyos

What would a fix be for that?

Not sure, seeing as you’ve reinstalled the game and restarted your computer. Try loading up a different map and difficulty and see if that changes anything.

Doesnt work, I guess I cant play unturned anymore :frowning:

If anyone has answers help please :3