Possibly a server setting for 4.0

Personally I whould do a 6 hour ban thing with a complete character reset.

Die in a base raid? Your not Comeing back. Or the raiders nether.

Die from zombies? Well it’s the morning, play later on the afternoon.say

You know, a simple limit like that.

(Only thing you can do now is the zombie mode if you died a certain way or something)


Would probably only work on official servers since people will die and it’ll lose it’s player-base otherwise

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Wow, I can’t wait to not play my favorite game!

That’s what this does right?

Yeah, that’s basically how it works on the Minecraft Hardcore Factions servers that do stuff like that. Play 24/7 when you’re alive, give up on life when you’re dead until 3 days later.

Love/hate relationship, I’d assume. :slight_smile: Maybe mostly hate.

I feel like this makes more sense as a custom plugin rather than an official setting. This doesn’t really have any place in vanilla Unturned, imo, and I don’t think Nelson should be responsible for maintaining such a mechanic.


Not to mention, if Admins die, they can not monitor their server.

Admins would likely play on a separate account/character, if they played at all, or would at least have some form of immunity. It’d primarily just affect the server’s playerbase tbh.

Still doesn’t make sense as a vanilla setting though.

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configurable i dont have problem!
is good how plus modular the servers are more possibilitys have!

should I change it to workshop for asking someone to make it as a plugin in 4.0?

Tbh I’d just leave it in #unturned-4 since modding for Unturned II won’t really be able to do anything big like that until an open beta is released, and it’s just my opinion that it doesn’t belong in vanilla.

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alright sounds good.

So the idea of permadeath is a very healthy addition to survival games like Unturned, it really makes you think through every decision you make. Only problem with permadeath is its usually introduced as a single player mode, but if you want to have it work for a server on unturned, youd have to have a to have a way to get back into the server, for example a temporary ban which will deny access to the server for 3-5 days`ish.

These kinds of servers also kind of put a barrier on the people you play against, making more likeminded people join the same kinds of servers. You can also say this kind of splits the community between people who likes commands and third person with the people who just like Pure vanillah hardcore survival.

A very normal approach to servers like this is also to turn of HUD, and chat. So for you to communicate with the rest of the server you may have to use radio stations. Laser sights also become a lot more useful because of the lack of aim assist when hip firing. Third person perspective isnt even an option for these kinds of servers, neither is kits/vaults/tp/home. But in some cases youl spawn in with some kind of lighting equipment like a torch or flashlight, because in harder survival games night= pitch black.

(The reason for the absurdly long ban time is because when you log back in, you have nothing. your base is despawned/raided and you will have to start ALL over again basicly like youve never been on the server before)


This is an outstandingly poor idea, I don’t want to have to wait to play my favorite game.

As i said… ITS OPTIONAL FOR SERVERS… you wont have to wait to play your favorite server, just some servers can have it if they want.

But still having the idea of limiting how much a person can play a game is absurd, I don’t want the game to force me to stop playing.

This somehow reminds me of “Minecraft noob adventures” series.

As in. Admins could resurrect dead people. (Or in this case. Banned players.)

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