Post Apocalyptic Map Sneak Peek #1


The Lost Hope 2

i try to make post apocalyptic map but how is going i don’t know. Added new fog,grasses,trees and clouds. It’s going nice for now :slight_smile: I think,what can i add new places
İf you have good idea share to me


Huh, SPi was supposed to be apocalyptic like this. It’s sorta close, but yeah.


Not gonna lie, it seems to rely a lot on compound, especially with the reused assets from curated maps that look very out of place in your map.

And as fish said, for no apparent reason too, other than seemingly to fill up a road in a generic town.


Not sure how I feel about this one mang, Lots and Lots of items kind of just strung about the place.


Not a huge fan of it, especially the rotated building in the second pic


If you also somehow manage to make the nights darker like in Tekanov (
this will be the perfect map imo.


at least its not the next Overgrown map

but still, none the less its pretty cool.


Holy shit I didn’t even notice that, I cringe at the thought that I almost did that with my post Apoc map.


Actually, those look like those trailerhomes. They might just have partially fallen off their supports? I dunno.


I doubt those are trailer homes, OP reveal your secrets.


On second look, they are those one apartment buildings.


I kinda like it tbh, the lighting and fog is really neat. Reminds me of 2.x’s PEI.




Oh lord have mercy on us


Dude you can’t just ignore all the “negative” comments or the map will end up really really bad.


Animatic you screwed up on your profile pic, the background makes it look like you have long hair blowing in the wind.

At least, when it’s in the small version of it.

Like rly, the mini version makes it look like that. I swear.

Dun keill moi


Buildings dont really sink like that.




@AnimaticFreak I bet he doesn’t even know where the background is from lol


Shrug I just thought I should comment on the fact that the mini-pic looks like he has hair, even though its a tower in the background.