Post your 8value results + Political Shitpost

here’s mine
Here is the test

Remember if someone gets different results that you shouldn’t go out of your way to make them feel bad, if you feel like educating them, educate them with love. But you can joke around too, now take the test.


ah hell, i have nothing better to do
here’s my results…

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i think these were similar to my results long ago but i was more trad then prog

i find it satisfying for the percentage between trad and prog. they’re just 40% and 60%

this was interesting,here’s mine

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I’ve become more moderate since 2017, but this is me now. Also, @Syero let’s try to keep politics off this forum as much as we all possibly can. I try to keep politics out.

tbh, not that surprised

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a bit controversial but i am proud of my beliefs :joy::joy::joy:


@danaby2 @stuttgart_flugart @anon67155151 @RainOfPain125


I saw myself as more of a gamer then a liberal tbh :stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:


I feel like this test is not by any means ideal. There were a lot of questions which relied on which specific beliefs the person who answers has, without specifically regarding them in the sentence. Thus, I feel like a lot of them will be interpreted much differently by different people.

Still, my results figure for the most part. :thinking:


wat fuck am I


I think some of the economic questions might’ve been a bit vague, you see companies SHOULD do (insert nice thing here) but they don’t have too, and citizens can act accordingly if they aren’t nice. However It might may allign me to more left if I anwser strongly agree, (due to question may alluding to as “should” as forced by the gov) still got 80% tho

also i’m suprised a lot of people allign left, I kinda expected the opposite for some reason

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I am still waiting to see the one who will get “national socialism”

I see “social democracy” is a common one among people here.
I agree with Ady though. This test is by no means comprehensive.


alright heres an easy way to do it

just say what political party your apart of

like me, im republican
see simple

Yeah so easy you didn’t even take in consideration the fact that it applies only to americans.