Post your non-winner submission

yet another unturned contest has ended Congratulations to the winners sadly I didn’t make it in as many people but I always thought winning is just as fun as the participation anyways hers what I have sent in

oh and don’t forget to share your artwork two if you feel like it


Yo that’s awesome!

I would love some museum to replace the original painting by this and see if any visitor is gonna notice :smiley:

Nie painting by the way!

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holy shit.

thanks, guys

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I thought this was a shitpost but then I noticed that you actually drew it

Good one man! I love the parody.
Did you add the zombies in or drew the whole thing?

first, I did actually draw a sketch but I really wanted to make it perfect(still wasn’t pleased how it turned out) so I went to play some good old 2.2.5 taken some screenshots and started drawing zombies. I have drawn at least 3 versions (that has been deleted) since I thought it was just too many details on the picture as
there was an incoming car in the middle some airdrops in the sky and there was one whit a naked running from the full moon zombies but yes I just draw the zombies on the original painting and did some edit on it, also, I was trying to look for a painting software that has a brush of the painting sadly couldn’t found any so I went whit paint3d :s

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How do you know your submission didn’t go through? I am pretty sure I saw it in the list of submissions.
Edit: I think the title of the discussion was just misleading, it just confused me. At the end your entry did make it in.

no no it’s meant to be a post where the non-winners post their work (fixed it)

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