Prehaps give "Self-Made" versions of items to content creators?

You know, say someone gets a skin or clothing ingame, they’d get a version of that item only they can own. Something like TF2’s “Self-Made” quality. In TF2, if you got an item in, you got a very special version of your item. It has a unique name color, particle effects that only that quality has, and is tagged as “I made this!”

Personally I think more games should do this. They worked hard on their item, and they got lucky it got in.

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i think it’s better to add a DLC(free DLC)who will add a integred unturned only mod creator(i’ll be simpler for players)creat skins add effects and change statistics easyly and then we will able to chare that on the steam workshop.

I don’t think you understood the post.

yes i didn’t understand but it’s an idea!

They were asking for a new rarity to be added exclusively for those with accepted Workshop submissions.

oh ok
but what do you think about my idea?

It’s already easy to change statistics, adding effects is not something that would be easily nor efficiently incorporated into the base game and is something you would need to learn how to do yourself, and creating skins is already easy and more efficient than adding a DLC for could ever hope to be.

yes but for some unturned users(hello MAC users)canot do that soo a suport like this will.
1simplifie the modding!.(by exemple for making a gun you can take a basic gun like the cobra or a moded one,then you chance the skin the attchement types the place were the hands will be and applicate effect by exemple:-20 radiation on ennemies.
2 make acces for every one!
3will be cool and easyer than unity 3D(maybe we would make skins with!)

You can make Workshop content on Mac. There is nothing stopping you or anyone else from doing it, because you have access to same exact programs as for someone on, say, Windows.

  • Changing the skin requires making the skin still.
  • Attachment types can already be changed by changing its caliber in the .dat file.
  • Animations are not simple. You will have to use an external program still.
  • “-20 radiation” is not a vanilla game effect for guns. You’d have to write actual code for that.

1)MAC users havn’t got acces to the game modding panel(to modify guns etc…)or anybody know how.
2) the -20 radiation will be an action you will make things like the scratch(if you know it) soo i’ll be easyenr than using codes.

There is no “game modding panel,” unless you mean Devkit tools. Everyone has access to the Devkit, it’s part of the actual game.

Blender has cross-compatibility, same with Photoshop. If you cannot afford Photoshop, then you can just use a free image editor. Unity is cross-compatibility, too. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be able to play Unturned. .dat files can be opened with any text file editor. If Word doesn’t work, you can install BBEdit 11, TextMate, Sublime Text, Atom, Textastic, or TextWrangler.

All you need is Blender, Unity, a text editor, and a paint tool. People have made content on their Macs before.

Making a system similar to Scratch seems unreliable. Too likely for things to break. :thinking: At that point, it’d be easier and less time-consuming for Nelson to just add damaging Immunity/Food/Water/Stamina via weapons as an actual feature.

Yes. :wink:

That is actually something I would like to see, maybe give it a workshop mythical effect which just consists of pencils and other tools of creation just floating around, could be tweaked but the actual idea is pretty nice c:

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Personally I like how TF2 does it. They give the item subtle sparkles. So what I’d think, is maybe the Dynamic effect that’s reserved for the Gold items in the upgrade DLC.

Well that’s the thing, dynamic wouldn’t really look good on some workshop skins, and that dynamic effect is reserves to gold/silver skins for a reason. And using the shiny mythical would just cause some more problems.