Preview branch – Changelogs!

For quite a while now, we’ve made a majority of the game’s upcoming updates available on a beta branch of the game named the “preview branch”.

However, the specific changelogs for each preview weren’t always provided. And when we did provide specific information, it wasn’t always in the same place.

Going forward, preview branch changelogs are now available from our SDG Support help center. If you’re currently on the preview branch, there’s also a button that’ll bring you straight to it as well!


The current preview branch version is! Here’s the changelog:


  • Option to use custom sized crosshair rather than size calculated from spread.
  • “-DisableLightLODs” command-line flag. Not recommended.
  • Delete_After_Filling_Target [bool] option for fuel items.
  • SalvageItem [guid] option for placeable items when picked up below 100% health.
  • Min_Items_Dropped_On_Destroy, Max_Items_Dropped_On_Destroy, and Item_Dropped_On_Destroy options for placeable items.
  • Terrain_Test_Height option for housing floors, defaults to 10. (max height above terrain)
  • Destroy_Clothing_Colliders [bool] option for clothes, Destroy_Attachment_Colliders [bool] option for attachments, and Destroy_Item_Colliders [bool] option for items. Defaults to true. Previously only root colliders were destroyed, but in this update child colliders are destroyed as well following low performance reports of mods with complex colliders on item prefabs. These options exists for mods which relied on child colliders (not recommended).
  • Scale_Aim_Animation_Speed [bool] option for guns. If true, Aim_Start and Aim_Stop animations are scaled according to aim duration. Defaults to true.
  • Laser_Color option for tactical laser.
  • Main menu links to support site and preview branch changelog.


  • Zombies block player movement again. (finally!)
  • Stereo tracks list allow songs not installed on the server.
  • Holiday condition supports Not_Equal comparison.
  • Adjusted wording of pause menu respawn button.
  • Support multiple workshop file IDs in AssetBundleCustomData.
  • Log state of player in queue during transport failure.
  • Better logging for custom modules to aid troubleshooting.
  • Updated missing object and tree kicks to newer asset integrity used by foliage.


  • Prevent viewmodel springs exploding at very low framerates.
  • Case where logging exception could throw another exception.
  • Stuck if EffectSpawner component was triggered while loading level.
  • Nodes editor unable to select empty named locations in IMGUI mode.
  • Fishing rod collision detection error logged when bobber started floating.
  • Clamp server Timeout_Queue_Seconds lower than client timeout.
  • Not tracking kill counter progress when quitting rather than exiting to menu.
  • Copy/pasting scale in volumes editor.
  • Vanilla ban command IP ban was using old net transport code.
  • Objects with visibility conditions using quest GUID.
  • Disable vehicle exhaust when all particle systems are finished.

:face_in_clouds: he stays

Have you been able to do this in a way where the zombie isn’t able to attack you still?

Really happy to see this! Will be good to get an idea of the upcoming updates and see how they work. Zombie collisions sound really interesting too. And with that, does that mean the possibility of player collisions or will that affect things too much?

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Now I stay on him

No, only if I jump onto zombie’s head

This has been fixed, alongside the height for Mega Zombies and Sprinters. :slight_smile:

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