Problem with kick vote

Ok so my friend and he his friend some of them love unturned and some don’t now one day i will get evolve log me in hamchi or other just so maybe one day him his friends and the other can player together he hate unturned too but maybe he will do it.So i want the vote kick so he and his friend can decide whether who can get kicked or ban for rule reason i just want to know how to work the vote kick or ban system i always put in the notepad Y/1/5 and whatever and it say the format fail what am i doing wrong.

There’s 6 values, not 3. Finish writing the command.

Votify [Vote Allowed Y/N]/[Pass Cooldown]/[Fail Cooldown]/[Vote Duration]/[Vote Percentage]/[Players]

No i mean am doing the 6 values and it say the format is wrong dude.

Copy-paste the entire command you put in instead of only 20% of it. :v We cannot help you if you don’t give us the information.

Votify Y/1/5/10/0.6/10

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It worked just fine for me. Can you post a screenshot of your Commands.dat?

nvm it work wt heck i never did anyway thanks dude your the best mate.

you need to put a space between the . don’t do “it.So” you do “it. So” otherwise it turns into a link also its just not how you write…