Problems with gameplay

Having the option to disable certain environmental graphics is kinda confusing and frustrating.
There will be people who love to PvP, therefore they will disable any environment to help them win (Like cheating?)
The ones they disable will possibly be the Grass, change the Trees to Legacy, and other things I can’t remember at the time of writing this.

Grass- Disabling this kinda ruins the idea of using stealth, Like ghillie suits. People using ghillie suits will probably have grass turned on, and other players might have it off, making it easy for them to spot the ghillies. It takes away possibilities that could have made the game fun to play, we all stay too dependent on hiding behind trees and other such things like buildings. Another thing is the fact that the maps have more open areas and nature than towns or other locations like farms.
Because of that, I’m sure more players wander the open areas, this goes back to PvP. Imagine wandering the open area and you see a bullet fly by you and hit the ground, missing you. You can’t go anywhere but run to a tree (There’s no towns near by), grass could be helpful in this situation. When you finally get to cover, the number one thought to locate the shooter is behind trees. This also takes away some of the fun of locating the attacker. We could duck in the grass and slowly move away from that area and pop up again somewhere else surprising the shooter and getting the upperhand, but instead we just sit there and wait for his head to peek from behind the tree and it’s done. And you could just forget about that firefight and consider it to be just another copy and paste situation of being out in the lands.

Trees- The majority of this explanation has been somewhat explained in Grass. PvP addicted players would do anything to make them win, one of them is changing the trees to legacy. The new trees provide cluster at the bottom and more used space around it than the Legacy trees, where as they only use up a little space than the new trees. This could ruin some things and situations. It’s hard to explain but I hope you get where I’m going with that.

There’s some other things I wanted to explain but I can’t remember, but there’s more graphical problems that could be disabled to help you win situations against those who are unaware of these advantages. It’s sorta like playing with some cheaters in a way.

I’m not hating on the game, I’ve been with it ever since 2.0 and still love playing it today, There’s many things I want to suggest that could hopefully fix some issues and make it more fun. It’s kinda hard to encourage friends to play because of the few problems I’ve listed out of many. I wish to write more about this but I feel like I’m wasting my time writing all of this if it’s never going to be read or solved.

I hope this gets enough attention to hopefully start bringing ideas together to make unturned 3.0 the best installment of SmartlyDressedGames. If this gets any responses, questions or even more questions about more problems about gameplay, I’d love to respond and share ideas.

Im not entirley sure if you shouldnt be able to disable grass. For example most people dont disable it for “cheating” purposes. Most disable it because it does cause lag on most computers. Im running an intel 7 with 16gb of ram so grass shouldnt be a problem. But it is because how much the computer has to render. So I turn it off to get maximum frames.

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Just wanted to point out that it’s easier to see through the new trees than the Legacy trees. Legacy trees are wider, and don’t even conform to the actual hitbox of the current trees.

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Taken from here ->

Hopefully you see what I mean by switching to Legacy instead of the new trees.

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