Productive Procrastination: CQC Map Recreation

Was this worth the time I put into it? Most likely not.
The model has no optimization and I only threw on colors for rendering purposes.

I apparently forgot a door and just now noticed it.


Added door in, here’s a screenshot from version of UII.

If I show the pictures side by side I can trick people with it.


makes model for u2

questions if it was worth the time

This is me every time lol

It was worth it, trust me.


I’ve been wanting to remake the building for a while although I never got around to it. I thought the grid was a bunch of nonsense at first but it appears to be roughly equal to half a meter which I based my measurements on. The recreation isn’t perfect, especially with that part of the tunnel that sticks out but most people won’t experience the original so it still works.

If my laptop’s hard drive never began to fail I would have never had a copy of the game prior to the CQC map removal. Was absurdly slow but I managed to copy it to a flash drive a few months ago.


It’s good! I think it would be cool if there was a horde mode on that map, it looks perfect for when there are new zombies, like climbers (assuming these are in the game) or flying things …
Ok, I think that I’m traveling a bit, sorry.

But the construction, it’s very good! Great Work @CravenWarrior!


Why am I the example of an idiot

Best regards
An idiot

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  1. You’re willing to admit to it.
  2. Give it a few more days and it’ll be worse.
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This makes it even more authentic to the original! :griefer:


Render Attempt #2
Includes the door that once was missing, a sky, and some fancy but not ideal grass.


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