Projectile types

In his 4.x Devblog, Nelson mentioned different quality of ammunition. I think makeshift, cast lead, commercial, military, and match grade ammunition could work. Makeshift ammunition would be loaded with things like nails, air rifle pellets, or just bits of scrap metal, and would be the least effective or least reliable, or be the most likely to damage the gun. Cast lead bullets would be better, but require molds to craft. Commercial grade bullets would be common, but would probably require special machinery to craft. It would be slightly better than cast lead. Military ammunition would be higher quality than commercial ammunition, and impossible to craft. Match grade ammunition (the kind used by snipers, and competitive shooters) would be very high quality, but impossible to craft. Maybe within each tier there would be two types of projectile, a light, hard, aerodynamic projectile that flies quickly, flat, and penetrates cover and armor, and a soft, heavy projectile that flies subsonicly (is that a word?) and hits hard.
Other projectiles that could be added include explosive bullets, tracers, dust shot, and chemical weapons.

This is a bit too complex even for 4.0, but craftable bullets are confirmed.

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