I know that 4.x will be PVE based, but will there still be some intense forms of PVP, like extreme base raiding or urban combat? Hell, the community of 3.0 was really addicted to PVP, so if Nelson goes full PVE, that for sure is going to cause a decrease in players. Personally, I think there should be a balance between the two.

What do u guys think?

  • PVE
  • PVP
  • Balance of PVP and PVE

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Obviously there will be pvp, but it will hopefully be toned down to a level where people dont kos.

(Also, WHY THE POLL? There is no point!)


I don’t think there’s any question that Unturned II will contain both PvE and PvP. The “PvE Focus” of UII is not to dissuade people from partaking in PvP, but simply just stop them from mindless killing. More of a focus is going into making the environment more deadly, and therefore making PvP much more risky than it currently is in 3.x. No good multiplayer survival game can last if PvP is just straight up forbidden.


I put PVP just because its a large part of the game I’m tired of seeing get trashed. I will make a more in depth thread on this later.

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The pvp cant really be toned down. The PVE will just mean you will have alot bigger worries then just going around shooting everybody. You will actually have to try to survive in 4.0, unlike in 3.0.

And there will we “extreme base raiding” as you described it most likely since, the more people and storage you need, the bigger the base will be, you have to store your items somewhere.

I think PVP is an essential part of most multiplayer survival games, as it adds a unique element to the gameplay that can’t be replicated in PVE. The unpredictability of the players: they could be friendly and help you, neutral and leave you alone or just mark you as KOS.

The best method of preventing excess KOS (from what i’ve seen) is the reputation system. This allows players to treat other players with the right amount of suspicion, rather than considering everyone as an enemy until proven otherwise.

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