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if 4.0 will be more pve focused what can we do with eachother besides killing/trading/talking?
in 3.0 with the help of we can entertaine oursevles. same should go with 4.0.
playing different card games, chess, paying guitar, playing inunturned games, watching prequarantine vhs
tapes, CDs (witch can containg some ester eggs), playing football, golf, basketball, hockey.
that is what called a good Player With Player content.


It’s Unturned not Sims.


Yes but if you can interact with people more. Pve will be more focused on.


What is the point to make a game with a certain style to another style?


Plenty of games do it, they’re called MINIGAMES


That doesn’t mean the game should become “Table Top Simulator with Zombies”

Also, what place do minigames have in a survival game?


Play Chess? Here - Fotball - FIFA… etc etc


Chess is still a popular strategy game xd

Plus it wouldn’t be hard to implement


That’s not necessarily true. Do you know exactly the difficulty of coding things in 4.x or know the inner workings of 4.x’s code? Try not to assume things without actual knowledge of them.

Regardless of the difficulty in adding such mechanics, do the ends justify the means? Is adding inconsequential “minigames” really beneficial use of dev time and good for the game as a whole?


The reason I said it wouldn’t be hard to implement is he would Litteraly just have to add the mechanics of normal chess, and be done with that. II dunno. I can read code but not exactly write it.


:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Actually not that bad idea, though card games, chess, basketball and “inunturned” games would be too much.

Nelson has planned to make snow usable, and maybe throwing snowballs, so I was thinking if we can actually make these kind of entertainment possible (in some cases). Also I’ve been thinking on that items could be thrown away, to others players to grab it or aggressively against either zombies or player, and also make it possible to hit thrown objects in mid-air, by applying the proper physics. With these mechanics being exposed, this is how I’d like it to be:

  • Playing baseball by just throwing the ball and be able to hit it with the bat respectively.
  • Hockey by doing the same with the disk, while this slides through frosted water or a hockey field.
  • Football by being able to catch it (like with any other item), and tackling people to steal it.
  • Golf by placing then hitting the ball with the sticks.
  • Shooting practice by shooting thrown small items.
  • Hurling snowballs to other people, and maybe also many other small items like:
    • Small rocks
    • Vegetables (also eggs lol)
    • Baseballs (and similars)

And there goes a very long etcetera…

Now, about the rest:

  • Cards and chess may be too much. If implemented, I think it won’t be the most popular stuff, so it would be wasted work right there.
  • Playing guitar (and maybe instruments too) could be awesome. A secondary small interface opens and a set of determined keys are the chords.
  • Playing “inunturned games” is too much… This isn’t GTA: SA, besides it would be more hard wasted work.
  • I agree with tapes and CD’s to have easter eggs and clues related to the lore. As entertainment, I’m not so sure, though some guy suggested placing Youtube links to show others ingame, and it would be interesting though representing a scary amount of coding.


One word:
A simple, easy game, perfect for gambling.


I’m still not sure, since having a whole pack of gaming cards should allow players perform many games instead of just one, which isn’t that much the idea.

Besides, I just thought of games like the ones I mentioned being an entertaining workaround to train physical paerformance, like stamina, strenght, etc. while as playing cards or chess might just be purely cosmetic and pretty useless, compared to how simple and practical other activities are.


No reason to add ‘Mini-games’ unless it has some use to it.


Look, something useful :smiley:


As long as were not talking computer games, but basic sport mechanics, card/board games, and such then yes, it whould be nice.

Be nice to have some civilised fun, you know, things for groups and stuff to do, and it whould add the slightest bit of immersion assuming certain people dont do certain things.

Mean, if your group builds a form of a civilised society, it whould be a neat social function.

From chess championships, zombie baseball practice, high stakes gambling, exa.

Mean, it at least I’ll be adding to the pve aspect.


I want a deck of cards just so I can pull the Jack of Hearts out and pin it to my outfit, or stick it in my car’s dashboard.


Ew, Jack of Hearts? What happened to the Ace of Spades.


Jack of hearts is my personal calling card. Spades is too generic and overused.


Know what how about we just decide to stay on chess, maybe some sports sorta stuff like baseball, and playing some instruments/other stuff Alright?