Quality of Posts

I don’t think it’s exactly hard to tell that the quality of the posts on the forums here has dropped pretty drastically.

I miss when shitposting here was limited (and for that matter, I miss actually funny memes too, although those have always been rare), as well as when actual topics weren’t filled with spam or offtopic messages.

I think it’s frustrating what some users do here, in that they don’t offer constructive criticism to posts and just post another “haha funny xD” comment. I don’t think this is limited to newer users either, I’ve seen plenty of this from veteran users as well.

End of the day, don’t forget this is a forum, not a shit posting site. This isn’t the steam forums or even the reddit where quality control is nonexistent or has low standards. It is, however, a place for feedback, quality content, and overall good times, so again, please, think about what you’re posting and if it’s even on-topic or not.


This was a safe haven until nelson linked the thing in the game menu


I will post my memes and you wil like >:(

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you’re apart of the problem


You didn’t even spell will correctly.


no, you are, you serious poster

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I would agree that post quality has deteriorated some in the last couple of months, unfortunately.

I’ve considered the possibility of adding a “voting” system to memes, just to add an incentive for better topics in that regard, but I’ve also considered a similar thing for U3/U4 threads.

At the same time, I don’t want to turn the forum into an otherwise-arbitrary competition , I’d just want to improve post quality. Additionally, the plugins that are available for such a feature aren’t as complete as I’d like them to be.


I think the best concept you could try adding would be a ‘downvote’ button. Honestly, It’s sad how quickly the quality of the forums dropped, this place used to be a place for good discussion and content, and now it’s just a circlejerk.


Downvotes definitely are not the way to go about this, that would just end in circlejerking and groupthink. Basically just stop responding to stupid posts and they will leave.

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To me it’s the people that are constantly disregarding whatever the topic of the thread is and just shitposting. Really gets annoying especially when people are actually trying to have a civil conversation


At this point, an immediate solution would be to refine rules surrounding low quality posts as well as utilizing flags more often against off-topic comments.

Repeat offenses should also result in punitive action IMO, due to how proliferated the problem has become.


It’s sad to see that these forums start to become more and more like r/okbuddyretard and “Kukoy’s shit meme emporium” because of the repetitiveness of content posted here. What potent amounts of imagination I know people here have is completely wasted on absolutely horrible memes instead of deep, thoughful and discussable threads that could very legitimitaly be useful to Nelson.

People, each repetitive and illogical meme posted here make the forums more and more like Steam and r/unturned, and do you people really want that to be the case? Continuing to contribute just makes the problem worse and worse, where instead we could be doing what these forums were made for: constructive, well though out and creative discussions while utilising a superior forum system.

Instead, people post :sunglasses: and third person memes.

Another problem with the lack of quality is that it drives off new and old users alike.


and i joined fucked everyone over
the end

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There are some particular users who I’ve seen tend to derail threads most of the time. I was planning on silencing them but I didn’t, I may do it since this issue has been brought up

If you’re one of those who have many of your posts recently deleted past few weeks (Especially the mass-deleted posts in certain threads), you know who you are.


:sunglasses: and Wonderwall aside, this is a legitimate, and very serious problem. The degrading overall quality of posts on the forum is an issue; in fact, a very prevalent and consistent issue that shows up, at all times, everywhere, in almost every community. As communities grow, naturally, the quality of content produced on the whole by the community decreases. This does not mean that the community does not produce quality content; and in fact, with the community growing larger, more quality content will be produced; but, inevitably, there will always be more mediocre, low-effort content than good, high-quality content.

And this isn’t really a problem, that, in the long term, can be effectively addressed. The solution to the current increase in low-quality posts, to some, may seem simple; remove the offending users and tighten up the rules. It will address the problem in the short term, sure; the quality of posts will increase, for a time; but as the community naturally grows, the users removed will simply be replaced, and the quality will begin to slide again. Resolving this issue is a stark uphill battle, and there is no way it will ever be anything else; you cannot successfully deal with the problem on a large scale, and for a long time, without neutering the spirit of a community. It is, in short, rather futile to attempt to deal with the issue in such a manner.

This post bears striking similarities to one I made a few years back, on r/unturned; some of you, such as @FlodotelitoKifo in particular, may recall exactly what the content of the post was. It was a stand against low-quality posts, such as this; however, it was done in an incredibly immature manner and had overall very little effect. It does serve a purpose now, however; it demonstrates the futility of such attempts to control the quality of a community, and the issues there are with attempting to solve the problem with one single, coordinated action or ruleset.

So what can be done, then? Surely, I could not be suggesting that any attempt to deal with this issue is futile, and that we let the increasing degrade in quality of the posts on this forum continue?

You must consider the fact that there is no real way that anyone, in any way, can regulate the content of posts. In the end, that falls to the user. You can tell the user what the content should be about, what it should and shouldn’t have, and to let it stay or remove it; but in the end, the user has the power over the content they create, and the things that they post.

However, you can regulate what they believe, and think, about the content they create. By creating “good”, and “bad” posts, you are actively fostering a counter-culture focused around low-quality content; and when you get people into an us vs. them mentality, the issue becomes nigh unresolvable. The solution is not to, in this case, create two separate groups of users, or to more restrict what is seen as “low-quality content”; that is simply counterproductive. No, the solution is something far more effective on a basic level:

Simply disregarding the posts. If someone receives no likes, no comments, no admiration, for how long do you think they are going to continue creating content? If someone sees that people creating low-quality content get barely any recognition, while people creating high-quality content have like counts in the double digits and thriving discussions in their threads, who do you think they are going to emulate? While those who create quality content on a whole cannot effectively regulate those who create low-quality content, and the content themselves, they can do a large deal to influence it.

Or: you could attempt to regulate, to deride, to disestablish those who create low-quality content, and give them a mentality that would make the entire problem far worse than it originally was. You have seen this played out many times across varying forums and communities; look at how r/unturned ended up, and tell me that this will end well. I mean not to insult those proposing these solutions; on first glance, they seem very valid and effective solutions to the issue. They are only short-term fixes however, and not workable in the long term; they will over time lead to the issue intensifying, and will have devastating results.

TL;DR: If you don’t like low quality content, don’t give it attention. Leaving it alone and ignoring it will have a far greater impact than attempting to regulate and constantly remove it.



do not remind me about that. Jokes aside, I fully agree.


Maybe, and this is quite a crazy/controversial idea, but make it so any threads tagged as Memes for example are auto locked, that way verbal attention isn’t given to it. Other than that I agree with everything said. If something isn’t fed, it’ll die


“It’s long so it must be good” -Danaby2


why can’t we ban memes, and exile all the memeposters to the badlands of reddit

If you will ban memes, then TophatPesky will be deleted from existence.

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