Question About Models

Is the vehicle just a placeholder for an eventually smoother vehicle?
Also are the guns gonna be like that one preview picture from a while back?
For example, are kalashnikov magazines gonna be round, bulky or ?
Wondering myself if I start making models so I can mod the game when it’s relased, but it would be annoying if I made to low quality or to high quality models.

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Pretty sure weapons and clothing are being reworked to fit the new player model.

Probably not, it already fits UII’s style, just need some tweaks, some things just don’t looks right, like the rear bumper (Not Nelson"s fault, Honda just tried too much for the new Civic).

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Animations need to be redone for weapons to fit the new animation rig, and clothing needs to be redone to fit the new player mesh. I don’t believe any substantial changes are planned to be made to the Eaglefire’s mesh though.


Which one? If you’re talking about the very first preview image, then no, considering that mesh was changed like only a few days after.

Use more recent images as a reference, or use the released denizen and Cobra meshes.

I’d probably recommend waiting until II is in a more solid stage before making models. The artstyle could easily change or shift a little, and proportions of the player model are certainly going to change (Nelson’s mentioned how he’s going to change the quote on quote “Enderman” looking player model a bit).

To sum up what I’m saying here, once we get more set in stone, official examples (of models), then I think it would be fine to start making models.

Just wondering, will it be possible to change animations for guns and character model to for example fit a custom character model? (It would probably clip a little but oh well)
Considering unreal 4 is much more open source than unity, would it be possible?
This could go for anything per se, changing ai for zombies, graphic enhancing mods (ENB/Lensflare) or outright just adding new mechanics to the game. For example adding a battlefield style UI and gamemode or a simpler gamemode like whos the murderer or a custom campaign.

With the new clothes physics I can’t help but want to make anime girls with skirts >_<

Considering that one of Nelson’s aims with II is complete moddability, very likely yes.

Unreal let you do that, just depends on Nelson. Things like changing animations, character models and even UI and game mechanics are quite easy to do.

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