Question about projectile range in 4.x

TL;DR Consistent effective and lethal ranges for firearms please?

I know the effective range of a gun is limited, but the lethal range is much further. In other words, you probably won’t hit that guy that’s over 25 meters away, but if you do, it will still hurt just as much.

I just want to be sure that we can hold a shooting contest to hit something past effective range, and also that weapons have a realistic effective range (Not for the sake of balance, but for the sake of consistency).
For example, a Mosin Nagant (your surplus “Schofield” rifle you find on farms) has an effective range between 500 and 800 meters, depending on the model, sights, and accuracy of the individual rifle. This makes sense cause it uses a big 7.62x54mmR round and it has a long barrel (excluding carbine variants)

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Just implement damage dropoff and have it take effect beyond effective range.

It’s what BrainOut err I mean many shooter games do, and it works very well while keeping immersion. I’ve known someone who was IRL shot with buckshot beyond effective range, and despite being hit, he described it as if it was just rain on his shoulders.


Compression (scaling) of gun ranges needs to be considered given the compression of the map areas.

My home town would spill well beyond the boundary of a small map corner to corner if mapped at 1:1 scale. Maps measuring 4, 8, or 16 kilometers on a side.

Most towns on the maps are a few hundred meters across at best, while most rifles are effective beyond 200m. this means one can unrealistically shoot someone at the far end of town a 25 minute drive in the real world. but a few seconds run in the game world.

That depends on how optimized the maps are in 4.x
If they’re optimized well, then compression will only be a 3.x issue and we’ll be able to run large maps with low resource demands.
Heck, I hope we can have huge maps and still get better FPS than in PEI on 3.x, then range compression wouldn’t even be needed.

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New engine and nelson is taking him time with the core game of wich he rushed in 3.0
I honestly think we can get maps and towns the size of arma if implemented well enough.


As someone who doesn’t play ARMA, I have no reference point: What’s their map size? How many houses makes a town?

Looks up game in steam store: 15 km x 15 km so slightly smaller than the size of a 3.x large map.-

What size do you think Large maps are? They’re 4.096 km × 4.096 km.

Walking from one side of a 15 km × 15 km map to the other side takes about 3 hours in-game.

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Wow. total brain fart on my part, considering I made a large unturned 3.x map myself.

Yes 16 km^2 is not the same as 16 x 16. my bad.

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If we get 15km x 15km maps, then we should by all means be able to have realistic weapon ballistics (realistic effective range and lethal range)

Also, further note, IMHO range should be affected by the ammunition you’re using. More info in the linked article below. Also an interesting read about Supersonic, Transonic, and Subsonic bullet flight.

altis is 270 square kilometers
A large unturned map takes me 10-20 minutes to walk from corner to corner.
Altis takes around 6 hours + +

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