Question about splatmap import

How can I import splatmaps into map editor? The only splatmaps that are visible and replacable are for materials 3 and 7 (also these are the only painted materials that won’t get wiped after terrain bake). I would like to import a splatmap for every material.

Nevermind. I got it.
Here is a little list:
Material 0, Alphamap_0, red channel
Material 1, Alphamap_0, green channel
Material 2, Alphamap_0, blue channel
Material 3, Alphamap_0, alpha channel
Material 4, Alphamap_1, red channel
Material 5, Alphamap_1, green channel
Material 6, Alphamap_1, blue channel
Material 7, Alphamap_1, alpha channel

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