Question regarding netcode / player counts / servers

Has there been anything said that has anything regarding how good the netcode will be at scaling? Currently servers can only have 24 players (obviously, and could go up to 48) but would we be able to see massive servers running massive maps with upwards to 200 or so players?

edit: Also another wacky question regarding servers is if there is anyway for servers to share what they already have loaded into the RAM? IE if you’re running two servers that are using the same files then why the need for both in the RAM? They could share item assets, structure assets, etc. Does Unturned I already do this? If it doesn’t could Unturned II do this? Could the same things probably be done amongst plugins and etc?

edit: I keep brainstorming about more server crap. Do you think with the modding / plugin capabilities of II that a plugin similar to Minecraft’s per-world-inventory or gamemode-based inventory could be a thing? IE, staff that go on duty have a separate inventory that gets erased after their done? This would be great for preventing abuse in general.


No. Read the dev logs

Github is also a pretty good source for technical information. If that doesn’t work the 4.X roadmap Trello might have the information you’re looking for. The 4.X wishlist Trello also exists, but I don’t know why /s

Thought it’d be a bit easier to ask if it has already been discussed or stated instead of reading over 16 devblogs and the outdated trello.

What about github? Which github?

me and my zero coding skills or comprehension of any vocabulary or language = this is useless reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

edit: thanks for trying though

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