Question: Where can unturned II be downloaded?

I read on the wiki that unturned II will be independent of the steam,the steam could be used for reconnaissance on servers and etc but this is how long I read, so unturned II will have a launcher of its own?

Ok now this is Epic.


IIRC it will be on steam but with modding tools/map maker on the epic launcher


would there be a way to get the modding/map tools from another place

Probably not, considering games like Ark, and Conan Exiles.

I hope and wish that map making says the same as it is. Its so much easier and accessible.

No. Legally, it has to be a part of Epic’s launcher.

So where can unturned be downloaded?

For now, Steam

But can the final game be downloaded on steam? or is still being fired.

The game will be available on Steam. That is the place you download the game.

We are talking about the unturned II is not it? I got confused

Of course Unturned II smh

The public version of Unturned II will eventually be on steam. It is not out yet and has no ETA.

The public version of Unturned IIs modding tools will eventually be on the epic launcher. They are not out yet and have no ETA.

The public version of Unturned 3.0 is on steam.

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