370 days ago, I was banned on multi-user servers in Unturned. Once, a long time ago, I downloaded a file that a friend threw at me and put it in a game folder, and a friend told me that this would change the graphics in the game. When I went to the “training” to check what has changed, but nothing happened. After which I deleted this file and didn’t download anything else. After a long break, I again downloaded Unturned, it was evening. I went to the first server I met, but after about 10 seconds, I flew out, returned to the same server - the same thing, the third time the inscription appeared: “You were banned on multi-user servers.” I wrote several times in support, but no one answered me. After all this, I had questions if I log in to another Steam account in the game - will I get a ban or can I somehow remove the ban on my main account? I really like this game, I played it 283 hours, and I want to play it further and probably buy a premium. I have not written here before because I have never noticed this page. And now I decided to try again to do something to get the game back.

I apologize for my English, I hope there will be an answer to my question, and I will play again on the servers without any problems.

For alt accounts it’s most likely you will be banned again if you use the same PC to play.

Sounds made-up, but be sure to not download suspicious files whether it’s from a ‘friend’ or not. It’s your responsibility to whatever happens to your computer.