Questions about modded MilSim in Unturned II?

While Unturned II will be mostly PvE based , i wondered if with unreal engine, it would be possible to turn it into a milsim game ( like arma 3 ) and if we will be able to mod unique functionalities ( wire guided missile, Active protection system or even more complex things ( radars, stealth… )) .
A great strength with Unturned was it’s modularity, with the high quantity of workshop content , modders and functionalities, i and several friends enjoyed doing milsims on unturned . I wondered if unturned II will allow further additions for this domain .
Look forward for an answer .


From what I’ve seen and heard I’d expect it to be possible since different gamemodes can be made.


If you thought 3.X was modular, Unturned II will be more than satisfactory.

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Well he did say

So I’m pretty sure that’s what he thought.

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Yeeees, This is basicly what I want aswell. And perhaps I could be one of those who makes those mods lol.

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I would also love to make mods once it come out .

Well, I’m sure that you might be able to turn Unturned II into a milsim game but I honestly doubt it.
And if there is gonna be a LOT of programming needed, you are essentially going to have to redesign the entire game. And that won’t be impossible of course, just look at mods like project reality for battlefield 2.
Could be done but would take a LOT of effort

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He says he already does “milsims on unturned” so his idea of a milsim mod probably isn’t as ambitious as project reality.

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The stuff he mentioned he wanted to add would be hard to add. Like RADAR (and by extent RADAR targeting), proper missiles, all of that stuff.
Would be difficult at best

True, i believe similar content could be made but ofc , a lot of work would be needed

So much yes

If there are no restrictions to modding then that may be possible for someone to make, this would make a variety of server so that people don’t get bored as easy

There will always be restrictions tho.

of course…

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