Questions about server monetization rules

Hi, I have a couple questions about the rules regarding server monetization that I couldn’t figure out from the documentation.

  1. Is it allowed to sell a monthly subscription based rank which among other things gives access to a kit that has a 1 month cooldown? (essentially selling a single instance of a kit once a month)

  2. Is it allowed to sell loot boxes or other things that provide a random item upon use?

  3. A rank that you can buy/subscribe gives you passive income of an ingame currency. Is this considered a currency purchase/subscription.

  4. Purchasing a rank grants access to a NPC that sells items that can be lost/destroyed for ingame currency. Is this considered the same as selling those items on the store?

  5. The server uses experience as it’s currency, does the rule about not selling experience still apply?

  6. If yes to 5 then does selling an item that a NPC purchases in exchange for experience also count?

  7. Can you sell ranks, which promise bonuses in other servers as well?

  8. If yes to 7 then is it also allowed if all the secondary servers have been offline for a long time and appear to be so for the foreseeable future?

That’s a lot of questions! It may be helpful if you provide more information about what you(?) are trying to do. Feel free to create a support ticket or email me. Or if you’re asking because you’re looking to report a server that you feel is trying to skirt the rules, this should go through a support ticket.

Understand the core rule is that servers aren’t allowed to sell consumable MTX. These are things that can be permanently lost, stolen, destroyed, or otherwise consumed. Currency is explicitly mentioned because it is a consumable microtransaction (and has an additional restriction for currency subscriptions). Other examples of consumable MTX include selling individual and permanently losable vehicles, skybases, experience points, etc.

If your subscription includes currency, it would fall under the additional rule regarding currency subscriptions.

If you’re selling access to pay-to-win content (“gameplay advantages”), your server should be marked under the Monetized filter.

Permanent MTX and subscription-based MTX are allowed (although currency subscriptions have an additional rule). For example:

  • Selling reusable “kits”—which are reusable permanently, or for the duration of the monthly subscription—containing in-game items. Timers or cooldowns are fine.

If the kit isn’t reusable, it wouldn’t fall under this example.

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From reading the doc, the only thing I see here is that selling vanilla microtransactions in a server is banned.

It looks like any pay to win rules were revoked.

Are we back to GMod style trash or is Unturned too inactive in players to even get the attention GMod did when it started to pick up this kind of p2w issue.

It’s not that big of an issue in Unturned since most servers aren’t that bad about it, from what I’ve seen only RP servers are really aggressive with selling stuff that gives an advantage.

Also, there’s always vanilla servers.

RP servers are where this is really bad