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  1. modules on weapons. there will be a huge number of them? many sights, shops and so on. 2) will there be many weapons? and especially shotguns. can i see somewhere where it is written about weapons in unturned ii.
  2. NPC bots will be? unfriendly gangsters?
  3. can i hire a npc to follow me (companion).
  4. will modding be powerful? extensive? can i create any things?
  5. Will there be tattoos in the game?
  6. Will the jewelry remain? belts, chains, and so on.
  7. the construction of the house will be like in 3.0? step by step? home furniture?
  8. when will the page in the incentive? when release? in 2020? the end of 2019?
  9. Could I use for example 2 machine gun pistols? Can I do this with mods?
  10. will the character’s hands be reduced? they are big.
  11. Will there be a minigun in the game?
  12. Could I also improve melee weapons?
  13. Will crafting be huge? can i make for example machete, pistol etc?
  14. How many slots will be on the server? more than 100?
  15. Where can I see all the items in unturned II? 17) Are there plans to add tommi gan? Double barrel edge?
  16. Will the weapon in the game be detailed? 19) With the help of mods, can I create anything I want for the server?
  17. when about a card with a city for the game? with new weapons and so on.
  18. When will the page appear in the incentive? about.
  19. Can I completely disassemble the weapon and put such modules that I want?

Eventually there will be many attachments and many slots for them.

Eventually there will be many different weapons to fill different niches on different maps.

A pump-action shotgun and semiautomatic pistol are both being worked on at the moment. If the shotgun isn’t the next weapon added, it’ll probably be the one after that weapon.

I don’t know about a source specifically focused on weapons, but here’s some links to good information:
Unturned II’s Github
Unturned II’s Current Trello
Unturned II’s Previous Trello
Smartly Dressed Games’ Blog
Smartly Dressed Games’ Wiki
Links to Nelson Sexton interviews
There’s also some interesting tidbits of information if you check for posts, replies, or recent activity from Nelson on these forums.

They’ve been or are being considered.

Yes, yes, and that’s up to you.

In the current build, there’s only a backpack, shirt, and pants, but more clothing and slots for them will likely be added back in.

In the game, Nelson would like to have a base building tool that would allow construction to be far less tedious.
In the editor, Nelson would like to have tools to automate and randomize the placement of building in towns and furniture in buildings, (of course similar to how trees could manually be placed in the 3.X editor, there will still be options for creative freedom in Unturned II mapmaking.)

Dual wielding is a work in progress, but will be implemented and less buggy eventually.

What for? If it’s handheld then I’d argue that the XM214 Microgun would be a better fit than the M134 minigun or the Chinese Huaqing or Russian ГШГ-7,62 equivalents. A smaller lighter gun with smaller lighter ammunition means you don’t have to run out of ammunition quite so fast or have quite as much of a headache fitting the gun and ammo into your inventory. The intermediate cartridge would make it far less unfun to come up against.


Not much has been decided yet, but I personally have argued that if you’ve been given the pieces to assemble a semiautomatic pistol you should be able to craft them into a semiautomatic pistol, but if you only have basic scrap metal and wood you shouldn’t be able to make anything better than a muzzleloader or slamfire pipegun.

Currently, it seems likely that 4.X servers will be able to support more players than 3.X servers, however >100 players is probably a bit of a reach at the moment.

There’s a 7.62 NATO bolt-action, a scope, a 7.62 NATO magazine, 7.62 NATO cartridges, a 7.62 NATO box, a 7.62 NATO crate, a 5.56 NATO AR, a holographic sight, a handguard, a buttstock, a barrel, a 5.56 NATO magazine, 5.56 NATO cartridges, a 5.56 NATO box, a 5.56 NATO crate, a canted rail, keys, nametags, a backpack, a pair of jeans, and a shirt. Some other items exist(ed) but aren’t available.


More detailed than 3.X, but less detailed than real life.

There probably won’t be NSFW mods.


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