Radio loop


I’d like to see radio stations you can tune to in cars or from stereos, with looping music, advertisements etc. Some would have music, people talking, stuff like that. It would definitely remove some of the boredom of Unturned, and add a more upbeat feel to a zombie game.



While it would be nice, it would also be a lot of work for something like that.


What? No Bandit radio?


It’s a remix of the fucking bandit radio.


I meant the normal one, whoops :disappointed_relieved:


It’s better than the normal one, just listen to it.


It’s all subjective, but it is really good classical slavic music.


people talking would only make sense if it were other players talking on the radio.


That would lighten the mood up I guess. Listening to 24/7 loop of fortnite default dance. /s

Sounds ok, but keep in mind that after an hour of listen the same pre-recorded “things” over and over again can be… boring. Same with music.


Mmmm… Nope.

Unless players can build their own radio stations (I have some tips on how we could do this) and do commentaries, announcements, share information and even play the music themselves, all on a determined public radio frequency, just like normal radio. Also player could use encrypted frequencies on their stations to communicate from base to the rest of teammates using walkie talkies or earpieces in the outside for tactical purposes, and stuff like that.


I think it would be a cool idea tbh


I think it should be something only exclusive only to certain types of vehicles. Giving different technical variations to cars wouldn’t be bad, like having a radio that you can use to communicate.


Are you talking about, car phones?


Maybe radios would be required to call in supply drops.


maybe something upon the way grand theft auto five handles their radio, where there is a folder where players can put their own music into and listen to it in game. for other players, it just plays their folder instead.