Raiding in 4.x

Only reason to play unturned 3 multiplayer is to raid everybody on the server, I think that in 4.x raiding can be improved.


Wood- can be broken using axe and chainsaw

Reinforced wood- canot be broken with mele but it is easy raidable with snipers and machine guns

Stone- it is like reinforced wood but 2.5x more health hard to destroy using snipers and machine guns requires missile s and chages to destroy (dragonfang does 0.25 damage)

Brick- it is like stone but 2x health

Metal - impossible to destroy with snipers and machine guns requires charges and missiles
(Takes 6 charges to brake a wall )

Reinforced metal - can be destroyed using only missiles and rockets
(Takes 10 rockets ro enter or 7 missiles)

When you destroy a locked wooden crate using a dragonfang or open it with a crowbar -you can take everything

But since metal lockers can be only destroyed with explosives blowing up a locker with a sniper inside could give you only scrap from the gun and some attachments from the gun . There is a small chance that it drops a gun that was inside (around 10%) durability of the gun will be at 0%

Only reason to blow up a base is to make some building space for you or to troll

Before you all pvp kit home server players start to complain buildings will despawn after a week

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I actually kinda like these material types. Wood being a quick and easy thing to set up but basically almost anything breaks it, reinforced wood being what we currently have in the game, stone and brick being in the middle of wood and metal (still damaged by lmgs and high cal but they take way longer), and then metal being explosive only.

IDK how I feel about blowing up metal lockers damaging stuff inside. Perhaps we could add non explosive ways to break it? Thermite for example. That way the stuff is not destroyed but it takes longer to break open.


you dont have base to tell how easy go construct or destroy bases. But in 4.0 this need a serius rework.
Dont just in Life of structure or how destroy him
need things like physics and a system to evit griefing efficiently.

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