Raiding stuff

Encourage online raiding by giving a Health Buff to bases while the owners are offline so u need for example double the amount of c4 to destroy a wall.

also, Raiding gear should be hard to craft considering its endgame loot unlike 3.0 u can just make a horde beacon and get everything.

Drones that can be hacked to protect your base is a pretty cool idea I saw.

maybe u can have a phone in-game obtainable by a simple quest or u can buy it from NPCs so u can put cameras in your base and monitor it.

zombie hordes only attack your base while you’re online and u get notified if you’re far away.

bigger groups need more resources to upkeep their base from decaying while solos and duos need fewer resources.

Maybe it can be where you need to unlock a certain skill set to hack the drones

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I don’t think that there should be any system to counter offline raids. That pretty much makes it unfair for whoever is raiding it. Countering offline raids should be done by making building materials plentiful (more trees, more mining nodes for metal and stuff) and after that, it’s up to the owner to hide the base and build it as secure as possible. Doubling building HP when no one is in the base is just unnecessary hassle.

Don’t think so. Farming, raiding and scavenging are pretty much the 3 core gameplay elements in a survival game. If you make raiding gear super rare and lock it in the endgame, that takes out the raiding element out of new players’ reach. Instead, make more types of raiding gear at different tiers, so newer players have a chance to make a play and get a raid, while the players that are closer to the endgame can do the same, but better with higher tier raiding gear.

I actually like that idea. However, i don’t know how it would be made possible and what it needs to make it balanced. With the right balancing, this could be interesting.

Rust did that and most players didn’t really like it. If Nelson implements it better, i’m willing to give it a try, though.

I agree with this. I think a horde wave should be a world event and that it spawns at a random place in the map and moves around as a single unit for some time, before despawning. Hordes attacking basses would be interesting, it would give incentive for the players to place traps and barricades around the base, which would really complement the post-apocalyptic setting.

I don’t want to make Unturned copy Rust, but Rust has done this the best.
I think upkeep resources should be tied to base size, rather than squad size.
That would pretty much accomplish the same thing, because building a big base as a solo player would be hard to upkeep eventually, while bigger groups can farm more effectively and keep the base from decaying.

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desktop notification to tell you when your base is being raided, and on what server?
notifications can be disabled or enabled for each server

I do have an idea for horde beacons. Have two types, one type that is acquirable by the player, and gives you mid-end guns, food and other types of supplies.

The second type would bigger better and harder that drops significantly better loot. Now the second type would be in specific places, you cant pick it up or switch its location, it would preferably need a bit of effort to get too, but it provides high-end or maybe even endgame loot, maybe 1-3 around the entire map.

I think drones should be kept very much separate from other players’ input. Turrets are enough of a threat imo.

A single map would have a lot of bases, and I don’t think having to walk all the way over to your base while it’s being sieged by an army of zombies would be more of an extreme annoyance, than fun occurrence.

I like the idea of up-keeping your base, but it’s natural that bigger groups would have bigger bases than smaller groups.

of course raiding gear is not only c4 there will be lower tiers for new players but getting raided by a new player that can easily farm for 2 hrs make a horde beacon and raid u is unfair and unbalanced that’s why no one builds bases in unturned anymore its useless
the defender should always have an advantage currently its the raider who has the advantage especially in offline raids

that makes it so the game is extremely grindy for solo players and makes them unable to build a more secure base design thats bigger i like the rust idea tied to base size but maybe we can have both so its less Grindy for casual solo players who dont farm play for 24/7 with a 7 man squad

Having a secure base and a big base are two very different things.
You can easily google Rust base builds. If there’s one thing that Rust players are really good at, it’s making honeycomb designs.

This base is really small, but it has 2 layers of honeycombing before you reach the central part and that’s just 1 floor. Small groups or especially solo players shouldn’t really have a big base anyway, if they make it big, they’re obviously going to need to farm for it. If they’re not going to farm for the base’s massive upkeep, they shouldn’t make a big base in the first place.
That also acts as a balancing point, imagine if you could have a huge base that requires as much upkeep as some wooden shack, because only 1 player owns it.

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The attacked has the advantage, because of the Horde Beacon that is in 3.0.
The Horde Beacon itself isn’t exactly a smart idea, imo. It makes no sense gameplay and idea-wise.
Remove the Horde Beacon from the equation and you’re done.
No, the defender shouldn’t always have the advantage. That’s bias.
It’s all natural; you join a server, make a base, go to sleep, player stumbles on your base, your base is damage/raided or ignored. You shouldn’t force the defenders into always having the advantage with fancy game mechanics.

Even in a super hostile game like Rust, people don’t just raid bases willy-nilly, the attackers need to be certain that it’s worth it. Then you combine that with a more secure, honeycombed design and you end up driving the raiders away, by simply wasting their resources on protective walls and empty rooms. That’s the advantage the defender has. All it takes, is some farming and planning. And if you get offline raided ? Tough luck, change server or base position and plan a better design. That’s a part of the game.
This is the exact same thing, as KOS. For some reason, people in this community always look for some artificial way to reduce KOS and offline raids, when those things are all perfectly normal for a survival game, it’s just the way it is.

I am for a decay system with upkeep, but only for the base size. If these two systems where implemented, me and my friends would make a massive base and then leave the group, leaving in the hands of a solo and log out. Making it hard to offline raid.

Offline raiding is unfortunate but eventfully it is going to happen and any way to force it other wise will be exploited. I think also anyone who says upkeep will be too grindy for a solo hasn’t seen how rust does it. I play solo on Rust 90% of the time and make strong compact bases that are pretty strong, and most survive wipe with clans running around. Takes me maybe 10 mins of farming supplies for my base to be decay free for 3 days, pretty good trade off. But if a massive clan doesn’t keep up their massive base and leave the server. Their base isn’t left on the server for the rest of the wipe and collapses.

Rust also does this with AI attack helicopters. I think one of the better things that rust has is its events against AI you can partake in for loot. Makes a map feel more alive and has an alternative to looting. I think something unique U2 will bring to the table is excursions and is something I am really excited to see.

The attack helicopters in Rust only attack players with guns out or if shot at. Often players will want it so will try to lure it away from others to get the loot from the battle. Most battles with it end at a base because it would be crazy to fight it in a field. It will make strafing runs and blow missiles into peoples bases and it pretty cool to see especially at night.

I think the horde could somewhat operate like this where it may wander aimlessly unless provoked and you could lure to your base, to defeat.

how the hell does the defender have the advantage?

at the MOST defenders have sentries which are easily dealt with using a dragonfang. charges are pretty easy to make and building health is not that high.

definitely all for making offline raids feel a bit less frustrating, though changing the properties of your base depending on if you are online or not does not seem like the correct solution to me, and could even lead to exploits.

i think stronger base defenses (how about traps that don’t suck) and a more fleshed out tier system for bases (everything from cheap building materials like sticks to end game like let’s say concrete) so there is a wider range of bases out there will also help, instead of 3.0 where you pretty much had wooden bases and metal (and lets be honest, a full metal base still isn’t THAT more durable than wood).

i’d really like if there was a building material that was extremely hard to come across but really durable, forcing base builders to really consider where they want to place structures made out of it. also security systems, such as alarms, sentry guns (that come in a variety of tiers), even lasers, would be fantastic to see.

considering nelson is clearly invested in the idea of bringing automaton and other advanced features to bases i have no doubt he’ll have plans in mind for base defense.

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ok boys i only have 50 hrs on rust :smile:

did u ever make a 3.0 base ? i agree with u on everything but currently i can play for maximum 3 hrs with a friend and raid the entire server also unturned maps are way smaller so its easier to find bases even on Russia charges are really easy to make just crafting level 3 and farming mega zombies

Plenty. Glitched, sky, honeycombed, tower bases, pretty much all of them.
And all the things that you pointed out are flaws in 3.0, not raiding itself.
These things are most likely not going to transition to Unturned II and that’s exactly why i haven’t said a thing for 3.0’s bases and raiding, because it’s pretty much irrelevant for Unturned II, which is what this forum’s category is about.
Unturned 3.0 was never that much of a survival game, as it was an uncertain mash of PVP with continually absurd additions in the form of war machines and weapons.
It’s confirmed that Unturned II is much more survival-focused this time, which is yet another reason for me to pretty much ignore anything 3.0 related, when discussing topics for Unturned II.