Random areas with power

Essentially, areas will either have no power, little power, average power, and high power.

Depending on location and lore, some places with have power, while others won’t.

No power

  • you guessed it, no traffic lights are on buildings have no power ect.

Low power.

*street lights are dimly lit, and that’s the only difference from no power

Average power

*traffic lights and street lights are working but dim, as well as house lights. Electrical appliances don’t work though.

High power

  • everything works other than where power lines are damaged.

Other cases.

  • this is when there’s too MUCH power. ~some light will be brighter Than usual, others will burn out, and a lot of things will stop working completely, unable to be powered up later.

I got too lazy to finis this, as I started it weeks ago and never finished, so here you go.


High power should not exist. All the others in fine with. Edit: and I do not think the other cases should exist.


It’s a couple of random ideas I threw out there, what did you expect. Also, high power is from having repaired a peer station, and other cases is from repairing a power station but it only supplies one town.

I actually like this, because I felt that in 3.0 the street lights had no use at all by the players.


It would be cool if more areas would have more power the first few days after you have started playing on an new world.


I don’t think that there should be free power but to get power you would need a to hook it up to a building or a portable generator.

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When did I ever say you could get free power from this? It’s only things that were in the city from the start that have power, you can’t build a base and get free permanent power. Which, probably wouldn’t even be permanent as skoeldis said.


You’d have to be highly trained professional to fix those. And it’s better to replace those things.

It’s a endgame goal, so I dunno. I talked about it in another topic of mine.

I’d love to see more dynamic things like this in 4.0. This could also go well with other dynamic building ideas, such as map building subject to damage/having HP (and then they have destroyed model vers)

Keep it up Aj ^w^

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There should also be a “Damaged power” of a sort, where some lights are off, some on and some flicker.
But I love this suggestion and would love to see it in UII


Kinda the idea for areas that had damaged power lines, but ye

This sure isn’t a bad idea. It just needs some work.

As I said, I never finished this.

Indeed. Maybe you wanna make a more polished version?

Perhaps one day

High-Power areas could exist, but I think they need to have some kind of danger element, like loose wires electrifying puddles and whatnot.

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