Random Encounters Suggestion

I liked the mechanic of the random airdrops through the map, same as things such as if he was to add bandit ai to guard it. (Which if I remember correctly, it has been confirmed. Somewhat)

More I think we shouldn’t be constricted to just this encounter that happens. Maybe more encounters are needed for much more enjoyment. Id like to propose some here. (Most of these would be other game mechanics that could be made into something good. Not only that but either I or others have also suggested some things.)

First Suggestion: Randomized AI Convoys
Explanation: Simply we add random events where there will be a convoy of some sort of faction occupying a space or moving around to a location, these would be unannounced but would have to be discovered through exploration of the map. The objective of this would make it where it has a chance of granting a vehicle, weapons, and loot. Of course for balancing reasons, this would seem to OP so id, like to propose my own, nerfs to this.


  • Once contact has been made, if there is another convoy nearby from the same faction, They would come help to eliminate the threat.
  • If they seem overpowered by the attack, there could be a slight chance that they would blow the entire vehicle cargo up and those that were to survive the blast would face off the attacker. Ultimately this would stop the cargo from being able to be gotten and the attack would be less profitable. (The car would also be destroyed)
  • There would be a chance that the convoy would be an ariel vehicle with military weaponry that would be hard to take down (This would be like rust)
  • The convoy could carry the high powered armor but the thing would be that at the end of the fight it would be all destroyed and useless for the attacker.
  • They vehicular ones could have a chance to speed off and the attacker would have to chase them or let them disappear

That’s about all the nerfing I could think of.

Second Suggestion: Overrun locations
Explanation: There would be times that an area or place could be infested with the infect past the normal amount, such as like x4 as much as normal, clearing it out would deliver loot apart from the regular one that is timed, so after a while, the container assets are destroyed and that location could be used as another infested area but would only start the timer after one of the containers has been searched. Similarly, It wouldn’t have the best loot but it would have something for survival. No nerfs would be needed for this one (This could be similar to the infestation from State of Decay 2 but with a loot reward)

Suggestion Three: Wandering Horde Events
Explanation: This encounter would be made just to trouble people, there could be horde events where it’s not really rewarding, would be used as just another way that you can farm zombie kills while having fun whether that is in a vehicle or not. This one is really short as there really would just be more for just adding game mechanics than aiding a player, although if such things as quests are implemented, there could a quest that forces you to take out an entire horde. They would be a huge swarm that is a lot more like x4 or more of zombies that populate the nearby areas.

Suggestion Four: Crashed Cargo Vehicles
Explanation: Something that can be used such as crashed planes that spawn sometimes and if not caught in time, the area would be in flames and the loot destroyed. This can also have like a crashed convoy where they somehow managed to crash into something and were forced to ditch the loot. This wouldn’t have the greatest loot but would have decent enough loot for the find.

Suggestions with If’s

Suggestion one: Random Faction Warzones
If: Factions are introduced and are Manipulatable by reputation and have probable camps or areas designated to them
Explanation: Such things such as clashing factions, you could receive a radio transmission if you have a radio or maybe you could hear fighting or such thing as a flare. Something that would catch your attention, if you were to rush there, there would be 2 factions clashing it out and you would choose which one you would fight for, that being said they would have their noticeable insignia that would show you who they are and could have multiple areas such as naval clashes, or ground clashes where there would be a lot fighting. Would be fun to see and maybe could boost your reputation and grant you a reward back into the camps. this, of course, could create a huge battleground and PVE game which seems to be something that goes along the alley of Unturned 2.

Suggestion Two: Occupation of areas by factions
If: Factions are introduced and are Manipulatable by reputation and have things such as shops. Also if GPS and Factions Can Edit Gps.
Explanation: This would mean that an area is under occupation and would be marked on a GPS to show the location of the occupation or you can just occasionally stumble upon it, either way, it would make it easier for them to buy stuff if needed or if they need to just stay in a safe zone of some kind, of course, any of those considered hostile by the occupying faction would get a warning shot then would be shot on sight. This would stop the occupied area from having loot spawned within it.
I would like to ask what are your opinions of these suggestion and if they would be cut out for the game. If you can think of any encounter that could added then go ahead and say them and ill attempt to put them within this list, or of course you could create your own list.


I think random encounters are great and what U2 needs and not only U2 but the survival games genre in general. I think a big problem plaguing multiplayer open world survival games is the lack of PVE element and AI encounters. Trust me I love PVP and want to have plenty of it in U2, but with things like this PVP won’t be the only option but a nice filler from just looting towns.

I like the idea of hordes, convoys, and overrun locations. The specifics tho of your description for Overrun Locations was a little confusing, but I get the main idea.

The factions tho I might have to pass on. Maybe if I saw them in game and we got a better idea of how they worked it could be cool. But I like the idea of players kind of just fighting zombies, bandits, and other players. Rather than faction wars going on. But some part of me would like to see Coalition and bandit forces standing off.

Nelson teased an idea a while ago of zombies taking over decayed abandoned player bases, as there own nests. Would be cool to maybe see a town having a horde and in the center is the nest hive you have to break for loot. Make something like looting Tacoma a little more interesting.

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Yeah i really liked your idea but id also like it if factions who dont like you try to kill you as part of a random encounter, like a hit squad.

m’aiq the liar in unturned

NGL This makes me think of State Of Decay 2 Plague Hearts but still I guess I agree with the faction things.

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