Random Loot and Pouches

So When so much loot has been spawned and taken it gets more rare so (e.g.) food it brings a higher priority to farm.

So idk if Nelson already has this planned but there should be tiny (ormedium/large) pouches that you can put on MOLLE vest/back packs that increase storage. When people have the pouches on there is like a little file looking thing or a small icon that is in the backpack section. Reason- So you dont have to scroll down a hundred times.

Kinda Random but nelson should add so in character custimation that you can choose to be Male, Female ,Adult, Teen, and Child. If he adds this There will also so be diffrent size clothes and children for e.g. can carry less then a adult.

I think that items should just respawn on maps so that they can run endlessly. storage options are good and male vs female is good but no one would choose anything other than adults for buffs.

Ok Thanks for you opinion but let say for RP perposes the child and teen

I think it would be best suited to a mod because new players would sometimes choose child and get rekt.
That way its only for RP servers

Good point never thought about that


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