Randomly generated foliage stuff

I know this sounds weird but it may make the trees and bushes not all look exactly the same.


  • branches will be placed in random positions on the trees, there can be set models for the trunk of the tree and branches.

  • branches get smaller as they get higher up the tree, but you could possibly use the same models, just scaled down. Of course at random positions though.

  • with this, you can get some interesting trees.


  • don’t have a ton of ideas, since the bushes looking the same isn’t as noticeable. Maybe just have the berries at random places for these.


  • it’s good enough

Other than that I have no ideas.

I feel like generated trees could cause some weird looking trees.

Trees sometimes look weird in real life ya know.

I’ve seen trees where half of it branches didn’t grow xd, Nelson could make it so it doesn’t look so weird but ye.

i guess this would be less memory intensive??? but it wouldnt probably make a difference

Ehh it just helps get rid of the feeling that a lot of the trees are the same.

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