[RARE] Sighting of the Lighthouse Cloaker!


Cheaper than what I expected.

I know, I know, I’m late.

theres mods that give you red night vision, u lazy piece of junk



naw, I got it. just responded different

Now go to the forums, and cry like the little bitch you are.


wha? who are you responding to?

You definitely didn’t get the reference.

Pork’s response still applies.

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meh… I dont really care. From your response I guess I misinterpreted it. I dunno. bai

wululululululu… Dallas is down!

This. (No offense)

i literally never would have understood, i was just about to reply “bad meme gOOGoongus”

Oh man, forgot about all the fourth wall breaks. The Russian Cloaker variants do this too, as their lines are just direct translations. :]


He also says “I got your dlc right here”

The cloaker is probably my favorite unit in the game (expect for actually fighting them)

oh I assumed you meant the lighthouse thing from 2.0

That’s the joke, (albeit, it’s not funny). I knew the Anomaly had red eyes, so I switched it around to green eyes and called him the Cloaker.

Rumors say, that he still puts Dallas in custody to this date.

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