Re: Gun Silencer Idea

I suggested my idea in this thread but it turned into such a shish-storm that my idea wouldn’t be noticed at all, and I really think it could work!
Gun Silencer Idea

The idea is to have suppressors be really rare, suppress the sound of a weapon (not silence it) NOT reduce damage, bullet velocity and drop, but instead have a different downside

After a certain threshold of durability is passes, there would be a chance of the suppressor exploding, damaging the gun (perhaps jam it as well) and stun the player (or damage him, there are many options here)

I imagine the chance of it exploding growing exponentially as durability goes down.

So let’s say at 40% durability, the chance of exploding is 1%
At 30% the chance of exploding is 5%
At 20% it’s 20%
at 10% it’s 50%
at 1% the chance of explodey is 100%

I didn’t calculate it, I just eyeballed it.

There are many option as to what could happen. Maybe have a different downside completely, but having it like this would create a nice dynamic of having something be a very useful, but very unpredictable.

At least that’s how I see it, share what you think!


Nah, I don’t like the idea of suppressors exploding.

Just have it break, and I dunno, you could cut more baffles from a car tire or something to fix it.


Its a good idea but maybe it should overheat after you shoot to much with the gun and when it melts the bullets start doing a lot less damage and the gun isnt suppressed any more .

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It’s really simple: make suppressors quiet a shot (not incredibly so though), but require maintenance and/or cleaning.

They should be pretty much all benefit - their downside being taking care of them. And no I’m not suggesting them having 20 shots before they break, but for when they do get worn down, they ought to have negative effects + require some difficult things to repair properly.


well ok now i agree but i think that they should be exceedingly rare., but i think you have to use subsonic ammo for that perfect(almost) “thwip” noise, so perhaps we need to add a different kind of ammo, or make all suppressors making their bullets subsonic. And subsonic rounds reduce range, but not lethality. So for that perfect suppress you need subsonic , but you can make do with standard ammo.

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Why not just have it break and the suppressor stops working

I think an explosion wouldn’t just break the suppressor but also the gun

Why not just make them supress the gun but not silence it completely and the gun shouldnt do less damage as mrkoix said. But make them rare and instead of exploding it would get louder as it is being used untill it just stops working completely.
For example

100% durability = wery good suppresion

50% durability = its louder

10% durability = barely supresses


I like this one a lot.

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