Realistic Damage to Planes

Hello, I have idea regarding planes. (shocker, I know)
(if this suggestion already exists, please link it)

I’d love to see a more sophisticated way of shooting down planes. Right now it’s just shooting it until it goes boom which is fine, but rather boring. What if you could target a specific part of the plane to weaken, or destroy it.

I think it would be a nice addition to be able to destroy a wing of a plane until it’s either unusable, or falls out of the sky (with maybe a possibility of salvaging it), which would be a quick way to weaken the plane, even tho it would still have a fair share of maneuverability.

You could also target the engine instead which would completely destroy the plane, but would take much more bullets to make it happen.

Maybe you could also target the hull of the plane which wouldn’t do much other than making the plane harder to fly.

Let me know what you think of it!


I think shooting the sheet metal off the plane should increase drag, and decrease aerodynamics. A partly destroyed propeller should decrease thrust, lower the allowed altitude of the plane. A partly destroyed router should increase the time to preform a rotation.


I actually like this. This feature is similar to Battlefield 1 which I really liked in that game. If you hit the tank tracks it could disable the tracks and affect the steering. Same with guns on the side, if you hit a side gun it would disable it until repaired. Would always feel bad ass emerging from the smoke of a tank battle half on fire and crippled but still kicking. I could see some people not liking this but I think its a cool addition.


This would be cool for all vehicles really.


Damage to vehicle modules (which also include airplanes) is an incredible idea, and I personally believe it has a high chance of being in the game.
When I am told about modular damage to vehicles, the World of Tanks system comes to mind, but with the difference that in Unturned each module could have its own amount of HP and can be exchanged if the player wants to.


I mean, just copy project zomboid, they got it sorted out

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