Rebuildable weapons

I think that you should be able to take different parts of guns to make new weapons. by using a certain crafting object you can use different parts like a barrel of one gun and a body of a different gun to make a new gun?
but with a few limits (they do have to have logic in the gun and use the same ammo type) and having it’s own skill type if skills are still in the game


Using a Fury to make a pistol



But yea, basically that’s what this post states.

IRL plenty of rifles have been built using machine gun barrels, not sure about pistols though…

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Not a bad idea

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I think this is a cool idea. However, to be realistic, people with the knowledge to do this are few and far between. After a zombie apocalypse this is not the type of skill that can be learnt on-the-fly while scarping a living out of a newly hostile environment. Since most guns are plentiful and m odular int he US I am not sure why you would wish to do this. IRL hunters and covert military folks ‘sometimes’ get into custom weaponry but only for a specific reason.

Implementing this the right way, IMO, requires this skill to be VERY challenging to attain. Especially since doing so will likely require a bridgeport, a lathe, maybe even a CNC machine and a lifetime of skills and knowledge of a master gunsmith. Read ‘The Jackal’ some time to get an idea of the underworld links between assasins and craftsmen of custom modified weaponry…and the cost and time involved in creating such for specific purposes.

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I think basic swapping parts that are designed, like a replacement action or a longer barrel, could be doable if the constant need for replacement gun parts is implemented, and allows players to upgrade the gun they have to some extent instead of finding enough parts to fix a better one.


I did say a few limits for this reason and who would even do this

Example: 3 of your guns are broken and you dont have the tools to reapir it, then make a “Makeshift Gun” with their parts. Also, you can do this with the crafting skill. Just an idea, but it would be very complicated to implement that.

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This is not only extremely difficult to program and balance (think of the thousands of possible combinations of components), but kinda unpractical.

If you just humble-jumble a bunch of random mismatched components together, it’s going to work very poorly if at all.

Also meant to reply to OP @tommy_the_tiger

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OP did say “within reasonable limits” so I don’t think they meant every gun would be able to use parts from every other gun.

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Still, that’s rather vague.

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yea this is what I am trying to say but I will match it to your meaning a bit more and also has to make a gun with logic on how it works together

yea I would have it need to be guns that use the same ammo because different guns have a different barrel size meaning if you only could use the same type of guns the amount of combos would go down a bit

some guns should not be able to be used because it would be weird and make zero sence
and should need it’s own skill so if you get level 1 of the skill it will unlock like pistols only to make it less easy to do

I agree with this, you have to also think about modders. With this suggestion, making a gun mod will be a very long process, It won’t just be making a model, setting it up in Unity real quick and sorting the .dat out in 2 minutes like you can in 3.x.

You’d have to make the main parts of the guns separate models, individually set those parts up in UE4 (the more complex the gun, the more parts). Then you’d have to make .dat files for each of them as well as write in the files which guns each part will be able to be attached to which gun, which magazine it will take etc. It would be absolute hell to make 1 gun.

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