Recent AMA / Q&A with Nelson

We’ve recently wrapped up the AMA / Q&A session! Thank you to the Unturned Official Discord staff team for hosting, and to everyone who dropped by to submit questions. There’s a dedicated channel in the server for all the answers/replies, but we can get these posted elsewhere too (in the future).

The Discord staff received some feedback regarding the AMA, and some of it they agree with. Whenever we do another AMA through the Discord, we’ll see about more ways to streamline the experience!

Today is the day! The Unturned Official Discord server is hosting @SDGNelson for an AMA (“ask me anything”) session. Basically – ask us your questions, and behold our answers!

When? Today, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time! That’s less than a half hour from the time of posting.


TO-DO (WIP for obvious reasons)

  • Clamp down on meme questions and general shitposting
  • Give folks an earlier heads up
  • Maybe allow questions to be submitted before the actual AMA starts so we can sort out the shitposts and already answered questions plus make sure that all of them get answered
    *Alternatively keep it “live” but only give people like two messages so you are not tempted to shitpost

Most of those are courtesy of @AnimaticFreak but if you have any suggestions of your own I’d more than happy to hear them


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